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More Sheila Copps! Oh no!


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Sheila Copps, I just dont like her, cry baby, suck it up for the party!!!!


Copps blasts PM over riding offer

Last Updated Thu, 29 Jan 2004 15:14:16
HAMILTON - Sheila Copps accused Prime Minister Paul Martin of hypocrisy on Thursday, after he offered to guarantee her a nomination in a riding she doesn't want rather than see her run against Transport Minister Tony Valeri in the riding she does want.

"I find it puzzling, because he says he doesn't want to be involved locally, yet he's willing to guarantee me the riding of Hamilton Mountain," Copps told CBC Newsworld. Copps, a former Liberal cabinet minister, is currently member of Parliament for the riding of Hamilton East.

Earlier in the week, Liberal MP Beth Phinney said she was willing to step aside in the Hamilton Mountain riding so that Copps could run there.

She said Martin had approved of the proposal because it would break an impasse between Copps and Valeri.

They both want to run in the new riding of Hamilton East-Stoney Creek, created under an electoral boundary redrawing designed to reflect population changes across Canada.

Martin confirmed the details of the conversation with Phinney at a post-cabinet news conference on Wednesday.

"Beth actually put it to me quite straight: 'Would you be prepared, if there was going to be a problem, would you be prepared to appoint Sheila?' And I said, 'Yes, unequivocally.'"

Copps immediately refused the offer, saying among other things that she has signed up thousands of new members in Hamilton East-Stoney Creek in anticipation of the run-off with Valeri.

FROM JAN. 17, 2004: Valeri says Copps 'not entitled' to Hamilton riding

She repeated what she believes to be the only solution to the standoff: Martin should tell Valeri to run in neighbouring Stoney Creek-Niagara, where he lives.

Unlike Valeri's old riding, which fell substantially within the city of Hamilton, Stoney Creek-Niagara includes a large number of rural voters.

The prime minister left Copps out of his cabinet in December, while lifting Valeri from the backbench to the cabinet table.

"We don't need to play checkers with the voters," said Copps on Newsworld, pointing out that the five Liberal MPs in the area have five ridings in which to run.

She said Hamilton Mountain is "a totally different part of the city" from the East End riding she has held for almost 20 years.

Copps has not ruled out switching parties should she lose the Liberal nomination to Valeri in the run-up to the expected spring federal election.

She has already talked to NDP Leader Jack Layton and mused publicly about seeking the nomination for the New Democrats in Hamilton East-Stoney Creek.
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