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More or Les

Whoo! My buddy More or Les got a column in Now, and his record reviewed in Eye magazine (3 stars). I haven't heard his newest album off of Public Transit recordings, but I plan on picking it up on Wednesday at his show.

Congrats Les! Hope you have a blast touring Europe with The Herbaliser!

miss riot

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AHHHH!!! Les awesomeness!! I read the article as well. Les couldn't be more deserving of all the greatness that comes to him. Great things to see Torontonians taking the sound worldwide. Happiness!! Don't sleep on this & don't sleep on him performing all over Toronto regularly, especially at the Never Forgive Action monthly.


Sugar D

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Respect to Les.. saw him on Queen St today doing his thang for some spare change and selling CDs. Gotta love guys who push their craft like that.

He even did a freestyle about the Eazy-E shirt I had on :p