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montreal<->toronto techno exchange


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hello all you toronto and surrounding techno loving folks
some of us here in our fair city of montreal have been talking about tring
to put together a little exchange where a few of us come out to play in
toronto for a saturday night and then we exchange the favor...
so far it has been jp aka pheek and myself who have talked about this idea
of where we would put together a show for some of the toronto techno folk
to play here in montreal and that someone from your fair city would do the
same... we are looking for some intersted parties in toronto who want to
be part of this exchange and who are willing to be the organizing factor
for the toronto end of things...
if your interested please get in touch with me, maybe if this exchange
works out we can make this a regualar happening thing where live artists
and djs can get the change to showcase what they do in each others
perspective cities.


[neil adam wiernik aka naw]
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Originally posted by d.code
I like this idea!
I dont have much to exchange at hte moment tho.

thats to bad... any other takers...
we are building the rouster of artists availalbe for the exchange as we speak
availalbe for this exchange so far are
naw and pheek. how ever it will not be limited to only us and in the new year we will revielie the collective rouster of montreal artists availalbe for this exchange. this post is only a piliniary post to see if there is any interest in this idea from toronto or other areas around quebec and ontario... the idea of to try to create a long needed dialogue between artists from both provences...and to help artists in both cities gain exposure in other cities and in the long run to help provide for larger opertunities for artists to play out side of thier own cities at a higher profile level. so if there is any one interested you know how to contact me thanks...
aka naw

I'm sure you realize that I am down with this idea. My crew is always ready to travel and as well play host.

I'll send you some mail soon, just trying to work out all the things for this Powerbook, oh yeah and that Christmas deal sure has sucked up a lot of free time too.

thats cool to know todd...
fr sure we can work out some thing
email me your mailing addess so I can send you the cd of apps I promissed you ...
and Im still waiting on your email for the proposal that we are working on as well as any thoughts to me on this dealio...
Ill email you a reply alla bout this project once you email me :)
talk soon
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