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Montreal dining recommendations


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Heading to Montreal this weekend despite the rain, and I'm looking for a few suggestions about nice restaurants. Any suggestions?

Futronic, I'm lookin' at you!
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I wanted to try Garde-Manger in Old Montreal so badly when we were there last, but alas, twas not to be.

I'm told it turns into a kind of happenin' bar after the kitchen closes on weekends too.


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La Raclette was always a favourite of mine when I lived there. It's up in the plateau, just north of Mont Royal, almost to Papineau
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Definitely check out Le P'tit Plateau. The decor isn't all that great but the food is excellent. They make everything in house - foie gras torchon, duck confit, etc, etc. Best part - BYO (no corkage obviously because it's Montreal). Oh, and their creme brulee is good also, which I'm very, very picky about.

-- Jay aka Fut


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haha! small world!
kitchenette was nice, i liked it. but les trois petits bouchons was fantastic. highly recommended for anyone going to Montreal. great seasonal fare, incredible flavours, beautiful presentation,with just a smidge of molecular gastronomy for fun.
one of the best meals i have had for a while now.