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Montreal Clubs Recommendations


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So over a crazy weekend I was able to sample a bunch of different clubs, here's what I saw.

Friday - Thursdays, Crecent Street.

Ok, so I know I was there on the wrong day but that's where the people I know were going. Actually we just chose it because there wasn't much of a line and it was the first thing we saw that looked like it served. They were all pretty tired from the drive up. I don't even remember the music so that tells you about how good it was. There were some cougars which were thankfully scared away by the girls with us, it could have been dangerous without them, I'm sure that one of them looked ready to pounce. I got the feeling that the bar cattered to 18-21 year old American boys and probably had a much higher cougar concentration on other nights.

I think there was a dancefloor in the basement, I didn't check it out and I'm not about to make the trip back to see for sure.

Saturday - Italian restaurant, St. Laurant (near shwarts)

I wish I could remember the name, great pizza and wine to start the night.

Saturday - Buenonoche, St. Laurant + Prince Arthur

Yeah, boo. Some pretty people, pretty boring. The music got to me and the bottle service party in the VIP room was just plain crowded. Not to mention they wouldn't let us in until after the dinner was over.

Saturday - Circus, St. Cathrine + something (in the village)

I really liked the set up here. Seems like there is a lot of potential for good parties in this venue. There were enough corners and side booths to be intimate if needed and they weren't as loud as the dancefloor so it was actually a viable option to talk. The music was much better than the club before but I was starting to be pretty intoxicated so that's as much review as I can give. The hip hop room was dead, not surprising. My only complaint was the ratio of boys to girls, especially topless boys to girls, but that's hardly more than expected for pride weekend in the village.

Sunday - Opera

Wow - what a set up! This club had a great designer putting it together. The place was packed but if there were just a few less people it would have been amazing. The positioning of VIP areas was well done and if I go back some other time I'd want to get into one of them because otherwise there is just far to much crowd churn.

I liked the decor a lot and the position of the DJ. I'm going to watch for more parties there in the future.