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MONSTER TRUCK! (I hope truckosaurus is there!)

Temper Tantrum

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I bought a skull and cross bones and waved it around everywhere and shouted lots.

He never said gravedigger like they do in the commericals tho! :cool:

That one guy was fucking funny ranting at Team Suzuki

"And what the fuck is up with a Suzuki monster truck with a chevy body?"

I was really impressed with Suzuki winning though. YAY TO THE GIRL DRIVER.

The quad racing were totally set up. It was like WWF all over again. Though good improv by the montreal crew when the toronto guy spun out or stalled

it was like "uhhh fuck what are we gonna do now so that he wins?"

I bet they were all american!

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On Saturday Team Toronto spun out right before the finish line so the lead Team Montreal guy suddenly "stalled" and had to push is quad across the line.. of course he lost. Was it the same shtick Sunday?