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Monster Tanenbaum's Royal Ball


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I dont think there has been a thread especially for the years two best and most recent movies ive seen: The Royal Tenenbaums and Monster's Ball. These moives are perfectly contrasted to each other, and both are done equally well for their respective genres.

Royal Tanenbaum was quick paced avoids tragedy but still illustrates human and family absurdity quite convincingly~ lead of course by gene hackman, who really put his skills to use. He made his role and the entire movie believable.

Monster's Ball once again proves B.B. Throton is on the front lines for excellent original american movies and story lines. This movie is by far the most important of the year. Halle barry is a goddess and should have the oscar mailed to her. I went to skool in ohio for four years and this movie depicted their culture and way of thought flawlessly; while balancing vast moral issues on every level. Not too many movies hit me like this one did. Respect. :)


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I haven't seen Monsters Ball yet but The Royal Tenenbaums is the best movie I've seen this year for sure.