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Monolake, naw, Zuzanna Grimm..


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Well well well..

What a good night! Got to the Tequila Lounge to the altogether pleasant beats of some unknown (to me) DJ. Consumed many Coronas, then bumped into tEkKiD, derek and assorted others and head-bobbed through naw's set. I dunno, the whole laptop only thing is a hard act to pull off. The music, however, was great. I thought naw delivered an amirable set as always, the only criticism from me being he could have taken it a step harder, if you know what I mean.

Meanwhile, sausage abounds!

Monolake came on next, delivering an alternating blistering and soothing assault of post-nuclear-robotic-love-funk. Well, maybe not in YOUR opinion, but this is MY review. I was worried the whole event would be a bit too low-key, but once M. Henke stepped up to the plate, it was immediately obvious that this was no ambient affair. Sa-weeeeeet!!! I had a big lip-biting smile on my face almost through his entire set.

Zuzanna Grimm spun some great tracks for the limited bit of her set I stayed for. Really quirky glitchy frenchy teknofunk for the first few tracks... Blah Blah Blah, time to drink Heinekens and eat peanuts in front of "Freddy Got Fingered" and a big cannon.


PS Doug: Listening to your CD right now, and I likeeee... thanks!