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Monolake BACK TO T-dot!!!!


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So last night i was just hanging around at a friends place checkin a few minimal techno sites.... thats when i saw that apparently Monolake is comming to town again... THIS IS GOOD!!! monolake and josh kit klayton were slammin last time (back then in feb) So im REALLY REALLY REALLY pumped for this party?

Feb 9th is the date.. Thats all I know!
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wicked shite!!

lemme know where this is taking place, when you get the 411




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Mmmm monolake.. oh.

Coming back for a technomeet? Or is this a fukhouse...?

What happened to the fukhouse monthlies? Lack of attendance?



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i dont think lack of attendance was the problem, i went to every event and they were allways filled with alot of people.
i wonder why they stopped though...
although it's only been 3 weeks since there new years party, hopefully they have somthing planned for february.
(actually since monolake is coming to town soon, i wouldnt be surprised if it was the next fukhouse party)
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I've been on a Monolake kick for the past week. This is good news

in the 5 disc cd changer at the moment:

Hong Kong
Gobi Desert EP



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Who knows what ian guth... has been up too?

Im just so pumped that robert henke (aka monolake) is comming back!!!

Just thought i needed to pass the word along!

Now if only mortiz von osweld will come to t-dot next???
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by hardtekfunk:

great to see you still check in!

Yeah.. I am actually on here all the time. When I don't check in on you folks for more than a few days I start to jones and end up laying awake at night wondering what antics tekkid is up to.

or not.

Actually I haven't been to the board since the summer. I'm not a salary man anymore so I don't have too much time for BBS's but LA does have vices of it's own for when I'm in the mood for not working.

I was just talking with Neil about this show. It's looming near and I scolded him for not yet tapping into this forum to spread the clonk gospel. That said, here is the gospel (as so eloquently penned by neil).


ok let me set everyone straight on this one here: we (clonk) are bringing monolake back to Toronto for the second time. approximately a year ago clonk
in collaboration with the technomeet brought monolake to Toronto for his
first ever appearance in the city. that show was not Robert Henke (aka monolake) but rather a collaboration between between himself and Kit Clayton as revenge of the nerds. Robert and I have spoken on many occasions about having him come back to do his solo stuff here in Toronto again, well that time has come to pass. clonk will be bringing him back to
the city for his first ever solo performance as monolake on feb 8th 2002 all the details of the show can be found here: http://www.techno.ca/clonk the line up will consist of:

monolake - live pa (chain reaction, ml/l) naw - live pa (a/s systems, noise factory,piehead, clonk)
zuzanna grime - dj set (zuzanium)
otaku - dj set (wabi).

all the artists will be playing extended sets no shorter then 60 mins for the live pas and 2.5 hrs for djs....
also just to set everyone straight on this:
monolake is not feb 9th he is in nyc on that date his url dates are wrong,
monolake was never brought into town by fukhouse and the last time monolake played here in Toronto it was a result of clonk collaborating with technomeet to do up a larger party with more artists. this time around when we decided to host monolake we wanted to do it in a more
intimate setting.... we hope to see you all out and if you have questions please feel free to email up at clonk@techno.ca with regards to any more information about the event, we also have another party planned at the end of feb with force tracks recording artists mri...
see you all there...
aka naw


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More blahblahs from Neil/Kristyn.


Subject: clonk presents: monolake feb 8th 2002, toronto canada

continuing with our on going series of one-off events:

clonk and el mocambo productions very proudly present:

chain reaction recording artist:

monolake (live)

with local support from:

a/s systems recording artist:

naw (live)

and djs:

otaku (wabi) and zuzana grimm (zuzanium)

patricia and kristyn

friday february 8th 2002
930pm sharp - ?????

794 bathurst st. (just north of Bloor)
toronto canada

how much:
tickets $10 advance more at the door
advanced tickets: rotate this, soundscapes, penguin

more info:

also listen to
unfortunate sonic casualties w/ host gerald belanger
midnight-2am wednesday feb. 6
listen live at http://ckln.fm
for a full in depth feature on this event featuring some of the artists
performaing at the event.

artist bios:

music with computers since 1995
Branching off from his studies as a sound engineer,
Berlin's Robert Henke is a key originator of the Chain
Reaction school of stripped down minimal techno. With
numerous releases for Chain Reaction and his own
[m/li] label he has displayed an uncanny ability to
create much revered deep, dense, and dubby sonic
textures. His work includes releases such as
fragile.static, Interstate, Gobi, Hongkong, Gravity,
and the recent Cinemascope full-length, an emotive
exploration of his rhythmic tendencies. Apart from
being influenced by contemporary minimal techno and
the science of breaking beats, Monolake also has a
background in more academic music. This was witnessed
in performances such as mille tableaux (Berlin Sept.
1998), where he and his partner at the time, producer
Gerhard Behles manipulated and restructured existing
electroacoustic works to create something altogether
new. Besides releasing records & performing live,
monolake has created a sound library for the modular
softsynth Reaktor. This work has had an undeniable
influence on his music, allowing him to act the part
of sonic architect influencing the next generation of
producers not only with his composition but with tools
he has helped craft.

Clonk co-founder and audio contortionist Neil
Wiernik is a multimedia visual artist turned
electronic music composer who began creating
electronic music in 1988. Known to push the boundaries
of his musical form - from designing new or
manipulating existing sound making devices and
software to creative uses of production environments
and sound sources. Though his composition and
production styles are diverse, he keeps a central
focus throughout all his production: a trademarked use
of rich, thick, lush textures and rhythms. Before
settling into his current solo project, "naw", Neil
had a long history of both group and solo electronic
music projects including work with The Crystal
Methodists (Goy Division Recordings), Phycus (Total
Zero), and The Urban Refuse Group (Total Zero). In
terms of solo work, Neil has released music under his
given name and under the pseudonym of naw, on such
labels as: Avatar/Ohm, RRR, Mutant Cactus Recordings
and A/S Systems. He was also recently signed to
Piehead Records and Noise Factory for full-length cd
releases, both of which are set to be out in the
summer/fall of 2002. Neil's recent work is a hybrid of
minimal techno, dark ambient, dub, and other
experimental musics. Under the naw moniker Neil has
played along side such international artists as: Jake
Mandell, Stewart Walker, Unit, Phoenecia, Theorem,
Sutekh, Monolake, Algorithm, Akufen, Deadbeat, Kit Clayton,
Kero, Mitchell Akiyama, Tomas Jirku, David Kristian and Rechenzentrum.

zuzana grimm
The Canadian vein of the music/fashion core became
much richer upon the defection of Slovak-born Zuzana
Grimm. With roots in both Industrial as well as
4AD-type sound, multi-talented Zuza's musical style is
as passionate as the clothing she creates for her own
company- Zuzanium (http://www.zuzanium.com). Known for
speaking her mind at any volume, in whichever natural
form she so chooses, Zuza has been spinning since '98
and has accompanied the likes of: Mike Shannon,
Algorithm, Jacob Fairley, and other TO talent, as well
as Herbert, ric Y martin, Octave One and John Tejada
(to name a few). Zuzana has played in various cities
including Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, Guelph,
Sudbury, Kitchener, Bratislava, Nitra, Malta, Vienna.

Torontos own otaku began his public foray into disc
jockeying by playing his favourite spacey records
(stereolab, flying saucer attack, fuxa) at the weekly
'm_space' events. Hearing tracks from the chain
reaction/basic channel labels turned him on to the
exciting world of
deep minimal techno. A graphic/web designer and
photographer, his minimal work aesthetic fits nicely
with that of fellow wabi (www.wabi.org) members,
with whom he spins a dubby minimal tech house mix whenever possible.
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Adam Duke

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Have fun folks, I'd love to hit this one up and see Monolake again, but I'm playing at the Promise party.

doh - maybe next time!



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Hmmmmm.............looks good! Minimal techno...YUMMY! I'm going to a chessy nighclub with a few of my girls, but us chickies might hit this up after. Depends if we drink enough vodka to party till dawn!!


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ElektroTekBabe:
Hmmmmm.............looks good! Minimal techno...YUMMY! I'm going to a chessy nighclub with a few of my girls, but us chickies might hit this up after. Depends if we drink enough vodka to party till dawn!!

bring yo' brunette friend that was at Wes's house jam!!!

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tekno princess

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...Monolake played last year at Art System around this time..... i seem to recall that his laptap was suspended in the air in front of him, producing a minimal yet funky set (for me to remember those details is a small miracle in itself)

damn i do love fridays, especially when they bring the prospect of ass shakin' techno...

i'll be there shakin' mine


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truely a fucking awesome night out!!

big shouts to Chris...(bbb)
of course Derek... ( get me that mix boi!)
my crew.

Rob.... as always, your a wicked guy man!
TECHNO PRINCESS?!?!?!?! i had no idea what you looked like, i wanted to buy you a drink and couldn't find yah (even with Derek's help! ) next time&gt;?

a wicked night out i must say , i had a blast.. oh and even talking minimal with a german by the name of Monolake for a half hour was good aswell --&gt; especially drunk!

g' nite


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Great party; I was so whipped after dancing my ass off for hours. Cool beats wicked crowd. Kudos to all.

BBB nice chattin' with ya; stay close to the purple haze :d

Tekkid always a pleasure.

Neil aka NAW: if you read this; I want that track you performed about 3/4 through your set with the vocoded voice (nice n' dark). Definetly a killer track.

Peace 'yall,

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