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Mono- Adam Jay


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Well lets see here.... where to start...

The most positive thing for me for the evening was the people, seeing lots of friends and aquaitences and meeting a few new tribe people as well :)

As for the music i was curious to see what mr. jay was all about.
i got there when Ian was playing - he warmend the room up nicley for Aurther Oskan, It was good to see Arthur up there, he . deserves it. He had a few nice tunes he pumped out... a little bangy for me, but nothing for what i was prepared for... Adam Jay - I am going to get slack for saying this but oh well... The guy was playing Trance - yes he was, not all trance but i did here a few tracks with build ups and trance sounds....
I did give this guy a chance but it was just to much - if this is what techno is now, i do not like - i flet no soul just a headache... his shit was tight but boring. did not like.

Over in the chill out room Ben Murko was playing some aight stuff... JUst befoe we left he started to break out some sweet jazzy stuff...

Over all i am glad i went out - it was well needed- crazy cabin fever going on up in here!
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Hey Sara, I didn't see you last night girl... :( I heard a few other people express the same sentiment as you, the dude played Trance......whatever he was playing, I know it wasn't the Techno I usually feel, but I still was able to shake my ass and dance around so it kept me happy.

Yes, Ian did a nice job, a fine job, some cool tracks. He warmed up the room for Arthur Oskan Live PA that was TOO DAMN SHORT!!!! What the hell? Ah well, he left us wanting more, I guess that's always good. That banging 909 and smooooooth 808 and twisty sexy Pro-One hell yeah he made Techno like we all know Techno............

props to Ben Murko and the ambient, electro, eclectic mix coming out of the side room.....and as always, Mr Gow....you always rock my world... L-Train, I didn't catch much, but he had some trouble with the tables and he was the first one on, so I'm looking forward to more of his sets to really feel him out...

Overall I enjoyed the night very much....I think it was a success.

Well done MONO



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Got there at 12:30ish

Yes Adam Jay played a lot of textured techno. Trance no, definitely not as trancey as Mauro Picotto.

But he also played a Robbie Rivera Harder and Faster rmx (or something close-got me dancing), Vitamin D aka Pusher, and that funky as hell Pontapé track.

But he played so friggin' hard!!! Like 140+ bpm. Maybe 150, I dunno. Pontapé sounded like it was +8.

His mixing was that great either, I heard some train wrecks.

My first time at Surface, mos def a sweet little setup, with the dark techno room, and brighter entry room with Ben Murko (?) playing some slower funky beats.

Seemed like people liked it in the entry room better, as when I left there were about 2wice as many people in there as the Adam Jay mainroom.

Buddy Holly

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I strolled into the back room as Arthur Oskan delivered an amazing live PA. Too bad it was only for a really short peiod of time. I would definatley like to see him play longer. My crew (Catharine and Greg) were not knowing what to expect from Adam Jay. But holy shit. He was Freakin' hard. Not let ups. Just assault after assault. I have to disagree with the TRANCE statement. He wasn't playing trance. Techno can have build ups too. I think alot of the buids were created by the man himself creatively crafting the records to produce a rich soundscape. I really enjoyed his set. Adam Jay took me by surprise. Greg Gow came on next and took it up another level. Similar to he set at Speedy J...GOW pounded the hard techno like no other. WOW. Just really good tunes crafted by the master himself. Just an all around good party. Aside from the technical difficulties I had with the amplifiers and needles in the front room I really enjoyed playing for the people as they strolled in before midnight. I had a chance to play all the deeper tracks that I have but never get to play. Thanks Greg and the Mono crew for another amazing techno installment. I don't know where our city would be without you guys putting on these events.
A big thanks to all the peeps who made the evening special; (Eric, Doug, Jenn, Gilles, Philly)

Good one!!
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Well that was a fun night /day !!!

where to start.... well a big ups to Greg Gow/ MONO for a steller evening and throwing techno events here in Toronto ...

Wow, soooooo many familiar faces out!! :) too many to list but great seeing yah all!!

Sets of the night for me??

L Train played a sweet deep set - LT fucking loved it bro, minus your technical difficulties --> just lick them needles LT !!! :p I'm not licking no more needles for you pal :D

Arthur Oskan FUCK ME !! solid solid P.A bro... massive props!!!!!!!! little too short as mentioned but i guess when the twinkies run out your out!! ;)


Adam Jay - perhaps 4 years ago i would have enjoyed his set.... holy fucking relentless - bang bang bang.... whoever mentioned the pitch and bpm stole the words right outta my mouth.

Dude didnt have two quality things i enjoy ... programming and little something something called SOUL After about an hour of the drill sergeant i proceeded outta the back room, too much for me. I did give him plenty of chances but just wasnt my thing. I would also like to add it wasn't Trance. The lingo for what he plays is Shranz. gag. Oh well, all in all i had fun with great friends.

Gow carried on with the hard tip, but eventually got into sythny detroit sounding tunes by that time i was too tired. Nonetheless a tight set Greg :)


Hope your birthday was awesome Jeff Payne great seeing yah buddy :)

Arthur and Julia hope yah guys got home okay, Arthur you can buy me a drink for boosting your car and loading up your gear :p

BIG PHAT BOO TO GETTING A DAMN PARKING TICKET! seems to be a trend for me.

looking forward to the next Mono @ Surface....


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This was a fun night. The music wasn't doing much for me, though the friendly faces were aplenty and made for many smiles.

i couldn't get into adam jay's set - it was too hard, too repetitive. i ended up spending most of his set in the front room where ben murko was dropping some grooovy tracks.

the turnout for this night was awesome - it was full, but not super packed. it's totally refreshing to see support for a mostly-locals line up.

quote of the night: "sabina, why aren't people dancing?" (from a friend who hadn't been to a techno jam in literally years). :)

looking forward to future events!



Arthur Oskan

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Thanks to all who showed up in support on in spite of the bone chilling temps.

As for my set, I was having some monitoring issues halfway through my set, so I felt it better to end off on a high note, which by some comments last night, acheived just that. Nontheless, great to see everyone on the floor to what was described to me as "proper techno". ;) Thanks!

Doug, thanks for the boost man. Next time, I'll turn my hazards off ;) Next Coors is on my bro.

Eric, thanks for MDing the set. Hope to post it up here soon.

Next PA? Sometime later this month, hope it goes through. I'll keep ya'll posted.




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Unfortunatley a serious head cold prevented me from coming out to this jam. Sorry I missed LT and Arthurs set,but what can ya do when your head feels like a cinder block.Can't say Im sad I missed Adam Jay though,seriously enough with the pound already we need some djs with substance to rejuvinate this scene ie(Laux,Rachmad,Kowalski) then you might see my ass out more often,if not,Im content with staying at home.Props to my homeboy Greg for continually showing these international playboys whats up,props dude.Hopefully the next Mono event will have someone worthwhile headlining so I can actually get out once and a while.


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What a good nite... i don't think me nor my friends stopped dancing once during arthur oskan's live pa. so good. we left shortly after adam jay came on, and the consensus was similar to what everyone else said. a little tooo bangey for this old pup. It's so nice to finally have a good event start up at surface. It's always been one of my favourite spots.

(they need a different doorperson. I don't mean to be rude, but being literate, in addition to having large breasts, can also be sexy.)
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Originally posted by ben
(they need a different doorperson. I don't mean to be rude, but being literate, in addition to having large breasts, can also be sexy.)

Sweet Jesus, this girl was a moron! When I say I am on Ian Guthrie's list, that does not mean that my name is Ian Guthrie!!!!!
Surface door girl gets one of these: :rolleyes:


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i think she needs one of my classic dirty looks. Something like this, but way meaner: :mad:


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i had a good nite at this...

the vibe and crowd were wikked and it was good to see the there are alot more ladies out coming to techno events

i didn't really mind what adam jay was playing.. i think it was a nice contrast to the front room. go get your groove on with some bangin techno in the back room and then chill out for a bit in the front room when you needed a rest. i thought it was a good idea.

nice seeing the usual suspects and thanks to the mono crew for putting on a quality event

Destro Sanchez

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adam jay wasn't my style, I kinda figured as much with the labels he's on/plays, but I wanted to get out and have phun.

& that I did.

ben murko took the set of the night for myself. he just happened to play the music I needed to hear in the state I was in

(sober, for me...nothin in the club except for a shot someone bought me that I couldn't really refuse..)

I like the lil princess who kept blowing out her birthday candles around the room (like, 3 weeks later...ha!)

That bigger room was much better darker, and the front room felt like the foyer to a hotel, but with a dj booth it was so freakin bright.

but the best fun was dancin with my hun,



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To all those that joined us Jan 10th for the Mono Party at Surface/Roxy Blu

Thank you to all those that joined us Saturday night... it was a great vibe for the first in series of monthly events we hope to continue to do with Mono.

Just a word of apology for the lack of adequate sound. This mishap had nothing to do with the folks from Mono but was a direct result of miscommunication between the club and our sound company. We had requested extra sound and had not specified that we would need extra processing to power the speakers to their maximum potential.

Please accept our apologies: we hope you will join us again and give us another chance.

Yosh Hsuen
Security & Promotions Manager
Roxy Blu & Club Surface
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oh yah!!

to L Train and Cat' a big phat pat on the back.

you two are awesome together!:)

also i would like to add i was diggin' alot of tracks you were throwing down Mr. Guthrie!!



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Originally posted by OhNo!
Unfortunatley a serious head cold prevented me from coming out ........................Hopefully the next Mono event will have someone worthwhile headlining so I can actually get out once and a while.
was it the head cold or the lack of a 'worthwile' headliner that kept you at home, make up your mind :p


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Originally posted by Destro Sanchez

tekkid liked some of Ian's tracks on saturday?!



That makes twice!

If I didn't know better, I would think he's got a bit of a crush.

-ian g.
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