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Monday's WTF!


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Read the FAQ! Its ALIVE!!!!! ewwwwwww


What is LoveLumpTM?

LoveLumpTM is an artificially-engineered transgenic tissue sculpture. It is created using a variety of animal and vegetable DNA strands, which is then mapped onto a host chromosome palette. It is considered to be one of a handful of new species created from the basic building material now available to us through recent breakthroughs in modern science.

How does it work?

A detailed explanation on the some of the inner-workings of this amazing new technology can be found on our Breakthroughs page.

Is LoveLumpTM Alive?

Yes. LoveLumpTM is constituted of living tissue and organs. LoveLumpTM is not, however, a sentient being, in that it does not possess the higher nervous system functions found in mammals, fish and birds.

What does LoveLumpTM eat?

Maintaining a healthy, robust LoveLumpTM requires a weekly sub-dermal injection of our patented LumpFoüdTM amino-protein, which acts as the primary source of nourishment for LoveLumpTM. Injections should be administered in the hind quarter, where nutrients are readily absorbed and distributed throughout LoveLump'sTM internal organ system accordingly. Keeping LoveLumpTM properly hydrated is of utmost importance. We recommend spraying LoveLumpTM down twice daily with a solution of 5 parts distilled water to one part saline.

What are the ideal conditions for LoveLumpTM?

Although LoveLumpTM is a relatively resilient organism, it should not, under any circumstances, be exposed to harsh environmental conditions. We recommend keeping LoveLumpTM in an area with a temperature between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, with 50-90 percent humidity. LoveLumpTM should be exposed to a reasonable amount of indoor light, but should not be exposed to extended periods of exposure to sunlight. LumpLampTM bulbs and fixtures will be made available to purchase, and will provide the proper amount of UV light that will promote a healthy, thriving LoveLumpTM.

When will LoveLumpTM be available to the public?

After years of research and planning, stage-b prototypes are now being developed. Pending approval from health agencies in the U.S, Canada and Europe, LoveLumpTM is expected to be available to the public in the first quarter of 2005.

How much will LoveLumpTM cost?

First-generation models will be available for pre-order in the coming months. The initial price of 34,000 USD will include shipment within North America, a one year subscription to the LumpCareTM service, and a 6-month supply of LumpFoüdTM. As our harvesting development refines, we expect to see costs to the consumer be reduced significantly. Our marketing analysts foresee the wide distribution in 2007 of a model available for around 5,999 USD.
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Originally posted by echootje
I sthat for real? this is not work safe.

Jeebus Cripes that's horrifying :(

Right.. it's definately not work safe....

and it sure is hideous.

But it's nowhere near real-looking.
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who is it geared toward? Those that are sexual confused? Why do all the parts have to be so close together?

Modern science at its worst!


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Originally posted by Booty Bits
eww. this gave me the "no" feeling.

agreed, this is just plain wrong.

anyway, know if north bound leather has a scatmaster 3000 toilet in stock yet?
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