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Monday @ The Beach


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Here are the timeslots for monday so far. They are not 100% due to the Guvernment the night before.

1:00-2:00 Mat Lunnen
2:00-3:00 Eric Downer
3:00-4:00 Mike D.
4:00-5:00 Spoony D.
5:00-6:00 Ian Guthrie
6:00-7:00 Stretch & Hooker
7:00-8:00 The Dukes
8:00-9:00 Lee Osborne
9:00-10:00 Tim Patrick
10:00-11:00 Luke Fair


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I'll be there!!!!

And I just found out yesterday that I don't have to work Tuesday :D

I'll bring the Tabu's as long as someone else brings a video camera so I can relive the experience (just in case my memory fails me yet again) ;)


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Everyone remember to bring garbage bags/plastic cups.

Looks like the beach will be getting a fair amount of wear and tear and we have to treat it nicely! It has been such a gracious host all summer. :)


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well, as i never been at this parties @ the beach, i got some questions, i f anybody can aswer'em...

can i bring drinks or is there a bar or something like it...?

if i bring them, have they to be like, in disguise (my buddy gatorade)...?(actually, those r for my friends, i don't drink that much latEly...)

cab drivers know where is cherry beach? I mean, just say "to cherry beach, please" or is any address...somebody post is just at the end of cheery street, but you never know....

i guess thats it, preety much....what a pain in the ass i am...

ps: I looking forward for your set Ian, i've heard (and read) a lot about you, but i never heard you b4...


thanks everyone...


2 The Beat

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Originally posted by basic
That I do not know.

I've only ever driven there - check out the TTC map.
I can not recall seeing much in the way of Public Transit in that area. But not all cab drivers know where it is...they might know the Docks...so tell them to just keep driving past the docks until the road ends in a parking lot.