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Monday or to Friday? that is the question

Jeremy Jive

TRIBE Member
Every year I save up my vacation days and bonus days and time off so that I can have a long weekend every weekend of the summer. Basicly I get to take off a Friday or a Monday every week from now until August and then my new vacation time starts and I use a couple days to continue this until the end of the summer.

Today I got the go ahead to do it again starting next week. Last year I took all Fridays off for the entire summer. I'm thinking that I should consider taking Mondays this year for a few reasons. Fridays are usually pretty lax in the summer. Most Fridays in the summer we get to leave early anyways. Mondays are always full of grumpy people. During the summer there are better things to do on a Sunday night than a Thursday, ie Skybar and boatcruises.

So should I take Mondays or should I take Fridays?

P.s. This also doesn't include the 8 days my work is sending me to the French riviera for the Cannes Film Festival and Ad festival. But I'm not bragging or anything.

jeremy -lifes a bitch- jive


TRIBE Member
With Fridays, you can start your weekend on Thursdays, cuz no one ever does anything on Monday.

With Mondays, you can have that day to recover.

Either way, you're spending them with me schmoopy.


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Hey Jer, your cigarette box gag at the table gave me a great idea for a photo. Gonna make some comments on consumerism, social advertising and smoking.

Jeremy Jive

TRIBE Member
awww shmoopie how sweet. i'll be spending my summer days cruising around and tanning.

jeremy -my honky curse ends this summer- jive


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go for fridays, because there are too many great things happening on thursday nights in TO to miss.

my $0.02

oh, and FWIW, i live in london, and have to work all week long, and my job doesn't send me anywhere more interesting than the st thomas regional mental health centre. so fuck you. :p
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I requested the same thing from my boss last week but he said no.

Then today I find out the guy in the desk next to me got every Friday this summer off.



TRIBE Member
personally, i'd take monday.

there is nothing like waking up on a monday and being happy as a pig in shit that you have nothing to do that day.
sitting on the back patio, bunning a spliff and watching the day go by.



Well-Known TRIBEr
Come on... it's easy... you just look at what you want to do for the next couple of weeks every once in a while, and decide from there.

Though I could think of some nightmare dilemmas if there were too many good things clustered into 9 days.


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...changing my vacation days right now.. i get 28 days off. :D

And hopefully a summer bonus thingy...
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take the mondays off......like you said, friday's are such a breeze that you're practically not even there.


TRIBE Member
I would say Mondays
If Friday is an easy day you can nap after work if you went out on Thursday night.
With Monday off you can do things without feeling as tired.


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I have the same dilemma. Honestly, from my experience last summer, I would recommend taking Mondays off. Here's the logic ...

Realistically, you will end up going out fairly regularly between Thursday and Sunday, right? Therefore, you will always be faced with one day of work after a night of binging, regardless of whether you book off Friday or Monday.

However, dragging yourself into work after a Thursday outing is nothing compared to dragging yourself into work after 3 days days of recreation. Your body will be in much more need of recovery on Monday as compared to Friday.


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I would say Mondays.
In addition to what you mentioned, hitting a patio on a Friday is always better after you've worked, as opposed to coming from home. And you is gonna be hitting the patios this summer. :)


DJ Red Lion

TRIBE Member
Recovery Mondays Follow Super Sundays

Ahem Jeremy all I have to say is Super Sundays ...................... Mondays off for sure.

You know we have some plans in the works this summer!
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