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monday movie madness at Fun Haus


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I remember a thread about this. Ayone know what flicks are playing tonight? Do they have a website or anything?

-ian g.
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As I mentioned in a private email group lately, the names fun "haus" and kool "haus" are so fucking retarded that I can't believe people use them in common conversation without laughing.

These are clearly scene-ruining names.



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Dear Jeffsus,
There is nothing scene ruining more than revealing secret email groups to Tribe.

You will now be Jeffhaus from now on.

Love Gollum.

PS Jessica was at Koolhaus on Saturday celebrating her birthday.

PPS you owe me a saxaphone.


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it's funny, i was in berlin and just hopping on the subway on off again at random spots and i came across a club called the 'cool house'.