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monch is the Illest.. i swear!

Discussion in 'Hip Hop Room' started by SkandalouZ, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. SkandalouZ

    SkandalouZ TRIBE Member

    Let the trigga finger put the pressure to the mechanism.Which gives a response for the automatic clip to release protect ??? single.Foul causing me to ignite then travel.Through the barrel headed for the light at the end of the tunnel,with no specific target in sight.Slow the flow like H2O water.Visualize the scene of a homocidal slaughter.No remorse for the course I take when ya pull it.the result's a stray bullet.??? runnin the ground and stayed down,except for the kids that played on the play ground.Cuz for some little girl she'll never see more than 6 years of life.Trife-O-ling...When she fell from the Sea-Saw...But um,wait my cause is'nt over. Flat outta the other side of her head towards a red range rover.....Monch is to ILL...its a damn shame.

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