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Momentum DJ's Uplifting Hard Trance Mix


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Hi guys/girls i'm new to the board, thought i'd post up a link to my last mix :D

I've been mixing about 7 years, and this particular mix is a back to back mix from the duo that is Momentum DJs.

Any feedback gratefully received :)

TFT - Solar Storm
Steve Hill & Technikal - Ecstasy
MDA & Spherical - Eternal
Justin Fry - Free Your Mind
HTUk10 - Unknown
Marc French & Technikal - Mad & Confused
AMS & K Complex - Echelon
Ashley James - Haunted
Carl Nicholson & James Lawson - Times Like These
Alf Bamford - Overdrive
Edison Factor - Dance With The Devil
The Moon - shake It
TFT - Lost star

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