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mohawk invasion - serenity


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two words:


music and vibe were all that

but a fucking fan or two would be brilliant

Tropicana sucks big sweaty stinky donkey balls



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I walked to tropicana around 1, the line was huge and there didn't appear to be any security working it so it was all bunched up at the front, so I turned right around and went home.. Were they even letting people in?


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ima newB youngOLD if ya now what i say
feelin like a skool kid all giddy an stuff
miss you'z til next time


LoUsIdD sorry rae-liscious


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by subuser:
BIIIGG UP FOR REAL SeReNiTy....mmm...mmm...mm
could not have shut down any better other than being stood up....huh...wah???



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Temper Tantrum:
I was supposed to go. Tickets and everything. But like an old woman I fell asleep at 10:30

t. tAnTrUm
Was in the same boat as you Allie. Got home from Caribana around 11pm; was all set to hit this party up then passed out at midnight.


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Fun times

ALittle too hot and sweaty for my liking, but just taking a trip outside to sit down and have a cigarette and chat with friends... Priceless!

Security wern't even that bad.



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WOW!! what an Epic Event once again... Although drinking from 6pm till 2am caught up with me eventually *sum of you know what i'm talking about*

All in all a truely EPIC nite in every sence of the word, the WOS (Wall Of Sound) in the breaks/jungle room worked out well and from being in the trance room earlier in the day that system was pounding too.

I could sit here and name all the funny things that happened to me last nite just like everytime I'm out with the Serenity Kru but it would take all day. Congrats to Brad, Willar, Meshell, Louie, Taleen, Neil and Drea on an amazing nite and yet again an EPIC event.

Jonny W


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EpiC party I had a blast..came down from Ottawa for this but shit what a good time....drive was tough on the ol'brain though this morning.

met sooo many people flyering on Saturday drinking on da padio by Numb...hahaha..that was too funny..

thanks Serenity Crew for a smokin party

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I'm still too tired to write a real review..just want to say that this was an AMAZING party...although yes it was BOILING HOT. Music, atmosphere, decorations, everything was beautiful and I *think* that good times were had by all
I know this will be a night in my memory for a long time...



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The party was sooooo much fun OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no clue what to say but the music was specFRKINtacular
Pete once again you never cease to amaze me, just when I thought your set couldn't get any harder you'd slap another track down in my eye and KABLAMMM!!!

Voytek mah bruvah from another mutha your track selection was at it's finest, and you made my night when you played Never Look Back OMG what a sick track!!! and with Jason Marshall b2b I couldn't of asked for anything more.......but!

On came SPICE set of the party for me OOOOOOOOOHHHHH BUST OUT THE EPIC TRANCE!!!! that set had me on a high from beginning to end GOD DAMN!!!!!!

Oh and lets not forget there was sum headliners at this party too....hehe Madam Zu, Chris C....what can I say but they had me in the crowd dancing my ass off! sweating buckets with everyone else...haha Dynamic Intervention....during the set I was at the bar with everyone else
but from what I could hear it was definatley amazinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!

So much for having no clue what to say....hehe


I'll post sum more about this EPIC EVENT later when I piece my brain back together...hehe Hopefully it's soon


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Unfortunately I had to leave the party early at 3:30am
However, for the 4.5 hours that I was there I had an absolutely phenomenal time.

The breaks/jungle room was tons O fun! The only thing I wasn't sure about was how the room was cut off because of the big sheety setup near the front...not that the room was anything special by itself before...so it did give it a different feel.

I wasn't on the 3rd floor much so I can't comment..but Madam Zu threw out some sweet high energy tracks like she always does

The 2nd floor congregation of alcoholics was fun as always
Unfortunately, there was no REV

ANd I missed SPICE...again!! Dammit! Next time I swear!


PS: Serenity Crew..u rock


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PPS: I forgot to mention that the last time I had this much fun at a party was the last Serenity
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Once again, another Serenity goes by, and im smiling from ear to ear. There was never a time where i was standing there, or listening to a set, in which i was actually "bored". I mean, everywhere i went, i saw people i knew, people that i haven't seen in a long time, etc, etc. There were actually people there who i only really see at Serenity parties! So to say it was a great night would be a significant understatement!

The music...oh the music. What can i say? Unfortunately, i only caught the tail, tail end of Beakers' set...
..freakin caribana traffic!AT- AT and Jason Marshall kicked serious ASS!! MMmmmmm....Dumonde! Dynamic was good, great hard ass tracks. Chris C & Madam Zu once again proved why they are so incredibly popular. Spice..just fukkin awesome, seriously. I want to hear this guy play WAY more than he does. Satori and Twitch...very very nice, anytime i hear a set in which i don't recognize a lot of the tracks, is a good set to me. I like hearing new things. Subsonic Chronic...ohh boy...i unfortunately missed his set at WEMF due to me being COMATOSED in my tent while he was playing. So i was really looking forward to hearing him. His set, and as Marvin mentioned, was just plain hard and nasty!... and when it wasn't hard and nasty, it was harder and nastier. I loved it!

Seeing as im a trancehead, i focused most of my attention in the trance room, however, i did wander into the breaks/jungle room when i needed to get a lil more funky-er. Mr WillarX was at the top of his game as always! Nokturnal was absolutely SICK! But i missed his damn "Pearl Jam" track though!
Lil' Dred, for his first time, looked pretty damn comfortable behind the decks! Good job mate!
I unfortunately missed a great deal of the rest of the music, so i cant really comment fairly on how they were. Anyone wanna fill me in?

So...all in all, a great night was had! Thanks to everyone i saw, or spoke to that made my night special, and a BIGGER 'ol kiss to the ones who made it even THAT much more special.



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Again Serenity put together a very solid, and kick ass party. And there was an abundance of people that all seemed to be having a very kick ass time. Everyone from Alex D to Andrea's mom were there, smiling, dancing, taking pictures... having a truly 'EPIC' time.

when I had heard it was going to be at Tropicana I was a little skeptical of how the party would turn out as that venue has a sketchy past, but it ended up being a lot better than anticipated.

The sets that I saw of the night had me dancing non-stop. It all began with the end of Chris C. Hard House is always a way to get my ass movin' on the dance floor. And low and behold as Madam Zu was preparing to spin, the dance floor crowded up, and people piled together to see this dreded dj get to work. And that she did. Her track selection was so damn fucking wikkid. She laid down so many hard hitting songs that had the entire crowd boppin, and pounding the floor... a few shotty mixes, but still a very high energy set.
Then was Subsonic Chronic, who opened his set with PSYCHO by Infected Mushroom. There is a reason I think this boy is magic behind the decks... a sexy smile, excellent dj skills, and GOA!!! hehe, what more could you ask for

And the last set I managed to see was Jason Marshall and Wojtek... TRANCE was exactly what I needed to complete the night... holy hell am I in love with these two. Everytime they are behind the decks together it becomes poetry in motion... so cheesy and so good. uh huh.

the downside of the evening? that there was residue dripping from the ceiling because of the "tropicana" weather. So damn hot. I was a big ball of sweat.... mmmm yummy!

All in all the party was one of the best I have been to in so damn long, I had a truly magical time, before and after, meeting new people, as always, enjoying the music every beat of the way, and getting to know others even better than before...

Thank you Serenity, and all others who made this event a truly memorable one.
You sure did go out with a bang!!!

~ Johane
Congrats Serenity. Looks like once again you put out a high quality event with an amazing line-up, that Toronto crowds have come to expect from You! I'm sorry I missed it, but you know the circumstances...

Keep it up bitches!



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What a fun night!! Hilarious times and drunken stumblers in the drinking area!! yea for us. Wikkid wikkid sets by all dj's especially the breakz! Had me dancin' till' the sun came up! Willar thanx for tricks theme- and that other trakk

Thanx to the wikkid serenity crew, u guys are awesome and really know how to have a great time! Great party as alwayz!!



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I was not gonna goto this till I saw it was at good ol Tropicanna - I just had to go!

Drinkin area - a total kickass plus!

Main Floor - Damn - too HOT HOT HOT - it was like raving in a Swedish sauna... highlight for me was Jason Marshall -vs- AT AT

Jungle/Breaks Floor - missed the jungle - but hung out on the breaks floor almost all night - it was cooler, the trance was tooooooooooooooooooooooo fast and breaks are more fun to dance to in my opinion!

Was SUPER happy to see the metal detectors being used... although the line was so slow... oh well c'est la vie!

Great party!
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as usual, another EPIC party from the Serentiy Crew (thanx guys)
Not much to say that hasn't been said yet.
Other then thanx for the Liscensed room full of good friends and other cool peeps.


Smiley Jo

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Well, I almost didn’t go to this party. If it weren’t for the people inside that I had promised to meet, I would have probably taken the ride home that was offered to me.. but I didn’t and I’m really glad I got to be a part of this.
After a long wait in line alone, (which sucks by the way) I was happy to see tons of familiar and smiling faces when I got inside. I hate going to parties on my own, but that’s just how the night worked out. Of course to find the TBK, all I had to do was figure out where they were serving alcohol.
The 19+ area was actually kind of cool. They had speakers which were playing Chris C’s set from upstairs, but not at a level that made it impossible to hear anyone. The renovations at Tropicana were certainly an improvement, but it’s still one of the sketchiest venues ever IMO.
We went upstairs to catch Madame Zu’s set and were greeted by the most explosive temperatures imaginable. Oh my god, it was so incredibly hot. Thank god it wasn’t too over crowded, and that I was able to stay up front for al lot of the night which tended to be a bit cooler. Everyone was dripping with sweat though, even if they were just standing around. Madame Zu totally kicked my ass into gear though, and the crowd absolutely went mental for her. She pounded for a straight hour and a half, and I danced the whole time, which is quite a switch for this little “housekat”. It’s no wonder she is such an absolute legend.

After such an amazing performance, you would wonder who could possibly keep the party’s energy at such and extreme high. Two words ladies and gentleman, Subsonic Chronic. The best thing about watching Pete spin is that he gets sooooo into his set, hypeing the crowd, dancing, and pounding his fist in the air. He owns. He was totally responsible for me even listening to this type of music at all, because when I heard him at the last Serenity party, it blew me away. Every time I thought I couldn’t dance anymore, he conjured up this crazy build and I couldn’t help myself.
As tired as I was, we wanted to stick around for some of AT-AT’s set. I’d never heard him before, and I was looking forward to it, even though I usually hate trance. I’m not to willing to admit this, but it gave me shivers. Voytek, you made trance give me shivers. Way to go, I’m ruined forever.. It was one of the tracks you played at the beginning of the set, where the sound was completely cut out for a sec. Then there was this “trance noise” (excuse my ignorance) and it repeated twice more, and each time you were so intent on getting the levels right. It sounded amazing. Wish I could have stayed for the whole thing, but I was dying. Plus those lights up front were giving me the most massive headache.
It was a great night, props to Serenity and all involved for being super organized and putting in so much hard work, it really showed.
One of the best parts of the evening though, was making it home just in time to go down to the beach, lie on the rocks and watch the sun rise. It was a stunning orangey, pink and red masterpiece. (Thx to my early morning blackberry pal too, U know who U R *wink*) Funny how I realized that if they had filmed that sunrise and put music to it, it prolly would have been... trance.



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Smiley Jo:
Way to go, I’m ruined forever.. It was one of the tracks you played at the
beginning of the set, where the sound was completely cut out for a sec. Then there was this “trance noise” (excuse my ignorance) and it repeated twice more, and each time you were so intent on getting the levels right. It sounded amazing.
Hey Jo, I think the track you're thinking of is DJ Rock-Survival-Darkzone Remix. I know Voytek planned on throwing it down and it fits your desciption perfectly.


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hehe, yup Spence, ju knows it! I gave it an EQ reworking and man, as far as the floor response - it's right up there with Man on Mars... I already ordered an extra copy!

Thank You Jo and Johane, and klaarwater and my ape brothers and everyone else who stuck around to check out Jason and I. Under the circumstances - unbearable heat - it is more than appreciated - I love you guys!!! No, really, i do!!! It was awesome to see that even after Beaker, Twitch and Satori, 3 fantastic headliners and the one they call Subsonic Chronic, the dancefloor still resembled a battlefield at rush hour... Fucking awesome you guys were, for real!
Too bad I couldn't stick around for more Spice, but I'm positive Tim knew what to do to keep the floor pumping right up till the end!

Many thanks go out to Brad/Lil' Dred (welcome to the family, hehe) and Willar for the hook up - there ain't nothing like Serenity! Seeing how GS is going all jungle, you are the only place I can call home, and that makes you my daddies, hehe...
Another awesome evening/night with you guys, not even a minor crackhead incident could have spoiled that.

The drinking lounge was sweet, so many people I haven't seen for a while, so much flash photography! On that note, many more thanks and props go out to Jay/Futronic for that extensive photoshoot - hope you got some good ones in there brother!

I got to meet Mick Cree aka Dynamic Intervention, who was genuinely surprised that anyone here actually knows his work! For fuck sakes - the guy IS Nu-NRG! How could we not? It's all about "Drugs - Bigger Kicks" !!! A great set, too!

Chris C. and Madam Zu were Chris C. and Madam Zu - no surprises - just a steady sonic onslaught, made up of the best uk hardhouse and nu-nrg's got to offer. Mohawk Invasion in full effect.

Overall, it was a Serenity party, and like I said before, I have never been disappointed in the past, and I seriously do not expect to be in the future. To quote a wise man: "Keep it up bitches!"

Subsonic Chronic

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If the words of the promoters are true and Serenity has thrown it's last event for a long time then it will be a great loss to the Toronto scene.
Since their inception over a year ago, the Serenity crew has thrown one solid event after another.

Once again, the Serenity crew showed Toronto how parties should be. I didn't venture upstairs so I can't comment on the breaks & jungle, but between the licensed area (smoked free? wicked!!) and the trance room I had a great time. Dynamic Intervention (aka Mik Cree), making his first Toronto appearance got things going early on with the fruits of his labour, dropping down many of the tracks that DIP fans have gotten to know him for. The set was a little short but provided the crowd with some sweet dancing beats. Chris C followed up with a slightly housier set, also dropping some of his own tracks and other tracks from the various labels that he's involved with.
Then Madam Zu came on and all hell broke loose. The crowd instanly became at least twice as loud as this Toronto favourite began her set of mean, pounding NRG and UK Hard House. The room kept heating up throughout her set as partiers were helpless to resist the urge to dance. I was almost worried that there would be no energy left to dance when I came on right after, but I was dead wrong.
And I was once again reminded of why I love spinning for Serenity parties so much.

Despite the swealtering heat I had an amazing time (As always!), wandering over to the harder trance to change the pace from the nrg that had been prominent throughout the night. Some people were wondering if the first track that I dropped off of minidisc was one of my own creations. I could only wish, it was Psycho, by Infected Mushroom, a delicious goa track that seemed to confuse some non-goa heads until the breakdown kicked in and things really started to move.

Once I was done I had enough energy to stick around for a good chuck of AT-AT and Jason Marshall's set. And we all know how much the Serenity massive loves trance! Wicked tunes and sweet anthems brought an exhausted crowd back to life and ready to continue partying.

It was at about this time that I took off for home, rest, and more fun, nice and tired in that completely satisfying way.

What also made this party extra memorable for me was the people that I was with.
Including, like, 90% of the TBK showing up to party together.

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