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MoFo's photo exhibition last night was a great success. very well attended by tribe members.

This was his third show, and his works were hungs along with two other people whose childish messes should only be hung on cafeteria walls...or burnt. Fortunately, MoFo had his own room (and unfortunately since he works really blew away his competition).

All his prints are reasonably priced....so much so...that they are all "negotiable". So contact him for more info.


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oh i'm so glad to hear it went well!
congrats sunny! next show, i'll be there. i promise!!



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OMG, Brandon! LOL. You are so dead!
You'll be burning in hell with the paintings! LOL.

Honesty is sometimes not the best policy... I can't stop laughing at what you publicly denounced...


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And it wasn't really at the YMCA. It should've been. We all could've went swimming after.
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sorry to sunny. i wanted to come, but i had to work saturday, and i would not have been able to get their until really late.