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Modeselektor @ the social...... QUOI QUOI !

glych t.anomaly

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as i sit here at work, and thank the party gawds i have a job that doesnt start till noon, and i can basically ' recover ' at work without much tedium, i decided to finish what i started early this morning.

arrived shortly after 11, waiting outside in the ' mandatory coat check line '
this made little or no sense to me, as there was no search, so i can only assume it was to make ' le cashbuck ' but whatever.

it was awesome to meet up with Dylan & Nunich, Sunny & Adam glad you could sneak in with us, so the line up even though took way to long and was all convoluted, was still if anything, entertaining.

ONE PIECE OF ADVICE : Have more then one girl doing TICKET VERIFICATION, helps get people in sooner, and drinking more.

so after we finally got in, grabbed a couple of drinks, and wandered around for a bit, i quite like the social, its a nice little place, the place was PACKED to say the least, i couldnt believe how many people they fit in that bar, but it was awesome.

great vibe, met up with peeps inside, good to see such a huge turn out of local talent and party peeps in attendance.

the first performer that was on when we first arrived, i was either to consumed with saying hi to peeps and wandering drinking, burning j's in the bathroom, etc...... but i just wasnt feeling them, or nothing really stood out at first.

But when DJ ZEE HOUSEMEISTER and i believe started off with a few modeselektor tracks mashed in with some hard deep beats, he was quite good for like the first 20 mins ish, and then he started to kind of go all over the place, hard oldskool driving punishing techno to kinda almost like a hard house layer and then old chicago came in, it was crazy random, i remember showing Dylan and Nunich his name on my iphone when we were out having a smoke, and after that i couldnt say his name enough TIMES


AND i could have sworn he was playing Trentemoller tracks in the middle somewhere :D

but i have to say, from about 12:25 - 12:30 ish, he started throwing down so hard and derty that is was a great lead in for modeselektor.

at roughly 12:45 when modeselektor came on, it was perfect, we had found a tight sport on the floor with great overall acoustics nothing seemed overpowering except for the auditory onslaught that exploded.
over 1.5 hour set, a huge myriad of genres he played, some notable moments i think was around 1:45 when the track from his Boogybytes Vol 3 from 2007, track 18 or 19, TTC featuring modeselektor, QUOI QUOI was fantastic, the insanely deep dubstep styles at the end, the acopella from both members of modeselektor was amazing to see live. at one point i was radiating so much heat when i went out for a smoke, i was LITERALLY STEAMING, it was fucking ridiculous, i danced so hard last night i think i might even feel it a little ;)

i cannot say enough about how much i enjoyed this venue, the night, and it was just fantastic to see the scene ALIVE and STRONG.

it was amazing to be out with my beautiful beautiful BEM, dylan and nunich, TOBY ! great to see you last night bro, it was awesome meeting you wickeden, sunny and adam, jaimie ill send you that mix today sometime :D, mista gibbs always a pleasure, lee, erin and andrew, and everyone else, QUOI QUOI

peace out

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full marx for those boys... totally amazing show.

i couldn't be happier about the show, i just wish it wasn't so rammed, but whatever... there are worse problems you can have in life.




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really sick show...they killed it, social needs to do something about that soundsystem though...

great night


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Fantastic show by Modeselektor!

but yes, all the sub was cut on that system. For all these great acts they are hosting, it should really be improved.
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Fantastic show by Modeselektor!

but yes, all the sub was cut on that system. For all these great acts they are hosting, it should really be improved.

Well as you said, it's the kind of music that should make your balls shake...lol!

It was indeed a solid night of music, and I was really impressed with how Modeselektor kicked things off. Dubby, techy and whatever else you wanna call it.

Hey Jai!


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agree with everything above, although i must say i didn't find anything wrong with the sound because it was just loud overall in there with so many people- i wasn't even thinking it was the system's fault.

it was really hard to move but all things considering the people were respectful and not overly pushy. when i saw chromeo in vancouver at an all ages party like two years ago i wanted to die, or justice this year at circa, so i always keep that in mind when im at a party like last night's :D

i was pretty enthralled by the set last night. it was a top quality performance to say the least. i'm still not sure if i appreciated getting doused with sticky champagne, but hey they are characters.

Embrace is doing great things... much respect!


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This was an unexpectedly sweetly Thursday night jam, and I really regretted having to leave early (1.30!) so I could go to work the following day. The place was packed and the people nice -- and the music was bang on and rockin. It was great putting faces to names, Jai and Judy, Sunny, and it's always fun to be with the party peeps around - you know who you are!
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