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Mobilicity - Another new mobile phone provider

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by slice, May 14, 2010.

  1. slice

    slice TRIBE Member

  2. bitchass

    bitchass TRIBE Member

    This was/is Dave.

    Like Wind, I wouldn't touch it for the first while until kinks are ironed out. Lots of promises made and broken - roaming, coverage especially.
  3. dstarr

    dstarr TRIBE Member

    Agreed. Be careful about jumping on when it launches... I don't think Wind's rollout was all that great.
  4. [SQUARE]

    [SQUARE] TRIBE Member

    I'm so eager to switch to a new company but how can I switch when there is only coverage in the GTA? I travel outside of the GTA pretty much everyday and I'm often out of town on weekends. I will be happy when coverage by wind or mobilicity extends to at least include as far North as Barrie or Collingwood.
  5. mushroom

    mushroom TRIBE Member

    They just opened a store up on Danforth just east of Broadview. But I'm with everyone else, need to wait awhile to be sure that their service is decent. I'd imagine its going to be couple of years before we really have reliable and good alternatives to the big guys.
  6. cabbagetowngirl

    cabbagetowngirl TRIBE Member

    I waited to move over to Wind until last week. So far, I have no issues whatsoever. The reception is great, no dropped calls, works in an elevator, and their plan I am on includes free long distance to anywhere in Canada, plus unlimited anytime minutes. All in all it costs $80 per month, as I also added unlimited Blackberry as well.

    I know at first Wind was getting horrible reviews, but they have fixed the majority of those issues.
  7. pit

    pit New Member

    The new Sony Ericsson EXPERIA

    Can anyone tell me more about this phone. I've heard that the battery does not last long???
    So is it worth the money?

  8. mushroom

    mushroom TRIBE Member

    So there are no roaming charges if you go outside of their main markets/zones? Aren't they only in a few major cities?
  9. tripleup

    tripleup TRIBE Member

    Reminds me of the Fido launch.

    Fuck, never had a system busy/can't put your call through in my life until my company switched to them.

    Worst service ever.
  10. dstarr

    dstarr TRIBE Member

    No, it's not that great of a phone. Don't get it.

    The reality is that when it comes to smartphones in the top end, you best simply get a great android device like nexus one or get an iPhone... everything else is sub par but often cheaper.

    The iPhone 4G will be sweet and should be out in Canada in the summer or early fall.. as I am assuming June in USA and then us a few months later.
  11. zoo

    zoo TRIBE Member

    For $80 / month, any of the carriers will offer you the effective equivalent of "unlimited" everything. There are no 'deals' ... giving you more for less goes against everyone's for-profit mandate.
  12. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

    They also have an office on Bloor between Bathurst and Christie: hot pink and green, with a very Hello Kitty kinda vibe.
    Doesn't really scream "I'm reliable" at you..

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