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MMII Mixed by John Digweed


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from Progressive-Sounds.com


1.Pollen "Lonely Planet" - Scopex
2.Polefolder "Dust" - Bedrock
3.Bermuda Triangle "Mooger Fooger" - Planet Noise
4.Sean Q6 "Thing" - Bedrock
5.Flash Brothers "Protect The Senses" - Agnosia
6.Te Quiero "108 Grand" (Darren Emerson remix) - Brute
7.Shakespeare's Sister "Black Sky" (Dub Extravaganza) - 8.FFRR/London
9.James Holden "I have Put Out The Light" - Silver Planet
10.Spooky "Belong" - Deviant
11.Mandalay "Deep Love" (Charlie May remix) - V2

Can't wait!

Jon Tremblay

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one of my favorite mixes, so many great tracks especially, Shakespeare's Sister "Black Sky" (Dub Extravaganza)...I must have worn out that record.
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aye...this is my fave Diggers mix since the glorious days of Blue Amazon, et al.

Every tune on this mix is magic.