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stupid blackout! so we can't see the game on mlb.tv cuz it's on local telly today. damn, i wanted to have the game open at work.
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I'm leaving work at noon to go catch the game. 20 degrees and sunny!!

whoot whoot

Dont tempt me, I'm about to get a migrane over here ;-), right around 12!
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Leaving suburbia now! What a day! I've got to get to the comfort zone!:D
On the down side, The brewery in question doesn't open til noon, seriously cutting into freebie time.

Seven Deep

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can't you just enter a different postal code when you register?

Or do they use the billing address of your credit card?

I got a free year of MLB TV when I was with Comcast internet, and I just input my home ZIP as a Denver code so I would only have Rockies home games blacked out.
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