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Mlb 2006


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Well, they got the game in around 3 am last night...I got to enjoy one of my favorite things, listening to games on the radio as I fall asleep. Things really get underway in an hour...Jays are looking good this year...

East - Should be pretty close between the Jays and the Yanks, the Red Sox will be close as well, should be a great race. I say Yanks take it in the end.

Central - Again should be really close between Cleveland, Chicago and Minny, I see Minny edging out the Tribe.

West - Tough to knock off the Angels, Oakland can do it if all the young guys stay healthy and they get good pitching.

East - If Philly can get decent pitching, they could easily take over the Braves, Mets are right there as well.

Central - Tough to pick against the Cards, Milwaukee could do well, Houston needs Clemens to come back to have a chance.

West - No one really stands out here...if SF can get the young pitchers going, they could contend, still SD takes it.

So, are they ever going to even out the leagues? I still think they could move Houston to the NL West, and get either Colorado or Arizona to move to the AL west.
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The Brewers should be very intersting and fun to watch. Solid rotation, and lots of young blue chippers to kick the offence up a notch, and a decent 1-2-3 in the pen. Can't wait til tommorow night. (as you can see in other threads)
Win Twins!:)


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NY Times article says Alex Rodriguez might be the next one to try and break Aaron's 755, and then it's Pujols. Nothing earth-shattering, but these guys are on pace, as is Ken Griffey JR if he plays the same number of seasons as Aaron did (23, I believe, or 22). I personally don't care if Bonds does it.

As for who'se going to win, I can't predict because I don't follow it close enough, but I do love the game. Can't wait to see what will happen w/ the jays, but hopefully something good. I have a gut feeling that the signings will be mostly a bust, though. :(
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Let see the predictions for the playoffs.

AL East
NY Yankees

AL Central
Chicago White Sox

AL West
Oakland A's

LA Angels


NL East
NY Mets

NL Central
Hou Astros

NL West
LA Dodgers

NL Wildcard
St. Louis

World Series

Houston vs. Oakland

Houston in 6

I think the Jays will be in the race right til the end but lose out in the final week
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American League

New York
Tampa Bay

Kansas City

Los Angeles

National League

New York
Atlanta (WC)

St. Louis

Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco


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Eric Gagne has to go in for a second surgery on his throwing arm in less than a year, this time to remove a nerve. It seems alot of Closers that win the Cy have a significant drop off, eg. Mark Davis, Randy Myers, Willie Hernandez, and now Eric. :(
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I thought that it was just the D'Rays, but I've noticed other teams sporting the shark like markings/indents on batting helmets. Can anybody tell me if it serves any purpose?


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Steve Howe, the relief pitcher whose promising career was derailed by drug and alcohol abuse, died Friday when his pickup truck rolled over in Coachella, Calif. He was 48.
The Los Angeles Dodgers, who selected Howe in the first round (16th overall pick) in the 1979 amateur draft, made the announcement.
"The entire Dodger organization is deeply saddened by the loss of Steve and our sympathies go out to his family and friends," the club said in a statement. "Steve was a huge part of the Dodgers' 1981 World Championship club and he will go down as one of the best closers in franchise history.
"He will be missed."
Former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda, now and advisor with the club, also offered his condolences.
"Steve played for me for five years and I thought the world of him," Lasorda said in a statement. "I am truly sorry to hear about his passing and my deepest sympathies go out to his family."
Howe was killed at 8:55 a.m. ET, said Dalyn Backes of the Riverside County coroner's office. The accident occurred about 210 kilometres east of Los Angeles.
Howe was the 1980 National League rookie of the year with the Dodgers, and helped them win the World Series the next year.
But for all of Howe's success on the field, the hard-throwing left-hander was constantly troubled by addictions -- he was suspended seven times and became a symbol of the rampant cocaine problem that plagued baseball in the 1980s.
Howe compiled a 47-41 record and 3.30 earned-run average and 91 saves in 12 major league seasons. Howe ranks ninth on the Dodgers' all-time saves list (59) and 10th overall dating back to the franchise's original roots in Brooklyn, N.Y.