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Mixtape Archive Vol. 1: M-Zone live at Destiny 15 (WEMF '96)


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Finally got around to digitizing some of my favourite old mixtapes. Here's the first - a classic set from one of the innovators of the UK hard trance sound, DJ M-Zone. I believe this was his first set playing for Destiny, at the 2nd WEMF. I played this tape so much I had to transplant it twice into different casings! Easily one of my all-time favourite sets.

right click to download:


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:) Next I've got an old goa tape ready to upload. I found the Mark EG vs. Chris Liberator tape, hoping to digitize it this week!


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A memorable set indeed. Back when epic trance was epic and not vocal-laden crust.

When he dropped Piano and Trance everyone lost it!
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its a good thing you digatized this mix... I would have worn it out in a hard copy aswell!

thanks again. (this mix has not stopped being played on my comp)