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MIXES/TRACKS - Whatcha listening to?


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Did a quick search here in the breaks room, couldn't find a thread like this. Please lemme know if I've overlooked it.

Anyways... I'm pretty unfamiliar with this genre, so mebbe my taste ain't all that, but this is moving my day along at work quite nicely:

Title: Ablak-A-Dubra
By: Fine Cut Bodies + Dreadzone
Time: 04/02/2004 , 20.00-22.00 (CET)
Radio: Radio Tilos >> http://www.tilos.hu
Region: Internet + Hungary (air - FM90,3)
Genre: Breakbeat
Label: Chi-Recordings >> http://www.chi-recordings.com
Archives: http://www.chi-recordings.com/magyar/audio_radio_aad.htm


Fine Cut Bodies in the mix

01> Object: New Object Science - [Foton]
02> Cord: Creation - [Chi]
03> Peter Gabriel: Growing Up /Stabilizer remix/ - [Virgin]
04> Paul Jackson feat. Steve Smith: The Push /Mustelines Mammoth Restraint mix/ - [Underwater]
05> Tsunami One vs BT: Hip-Hop Phenomenon /Evil Nine edit/ - [Marine Parade]
06> Descent: Addicted /Adegen's robotronic breaks mix/ - [Stellar]
07> Fine Cut Bodies: Trekk Far - [Chi]
08> Dan F: Line Of Sight - [Kilowatt]
09> Amb: Romeo /Raster rework/ - [Chi]
10> LA Hookers: Sexslave - [10kilo]
11> Big Hair: If I Was A Psycho Killer... - [U-Freqs]
12> Molomekaniske: Laks - [Chi]

13> Ricky V Valentine: Ghetto Classics - [C Side Trax]

Greg @ Dreadzone in the mix

14> Ray Winstone: Sexy Beast - [???]
15> Tayo vs Acid Rockers: Prophet Dub - [Skint]
16> Distraction Diversion: Diversion - [Inflight]
17> Uberzone vs Pilgrem: Cous Cous - [TCR]
18> Spork: Freak Like Me - [???]
19> Layo&Bushwacka: Love Story /breaks/ - [End]
20> Five Dees: Funky - [???]
21> Malente: Don't Stop - [???]
22> Plump DJs: Funk Hits The Fan - [FingerLickin']
23> FreQ Nasty: Boombaclaat - [???]
24> Chase'n'Status: Wise Up - [???]
25> Dreadzone vs Mafia Tone vs Ms Dynamite: The Warriors - [Double Seven]
26> Raw As Fuck vs Million Dan: No Replica
27> Another Homicide bootleg
28> Brothers Bud: Herb Grinder - [FingerLickin']
29> Slide: Slippedy Slide - [FingerLickin']
30> Spike feat. Sly: Toxic Culture - [???]
31> Terminalheads: Head Down - [Kilowatt]


Lotsa mixes on this site too. Some of 'em have been pretty enjoyable.
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Thanks to electic (I think it's the same one here) on that other breaks board, Breaks, Drugs and Rock N Roll - Czech. I killed my last copy of this, thank god for mp3 players, rinse, repeat, rock on
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^^^^^ Now are you actually listening to 'yourself' or rather are you listening to a bunch of other artists music that you compiled??