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Mixer repair/maintenance


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So far, you guys have been awesome for helping a guy out.

So, I'm going to try my luck again and ask for some more :)

I have a xone92 that needs some cleaning and/or maintenance. I would love to do it myself but I can't afford the study time needed.
If anyone here knows of a great place that can accommodate my needs I am forever grateful.
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I just got my rotary xone 92 repaired here...

I actually emailed Allen and Heath in the UK and they gave me this number in Montreal.

Canada - Allen & Heath

I called them and the Montreal people gave me this number for Ontario service. The folks in Montreal told me they were "the best". They are an authorized warranty service centre.

Ontario Audio/Video Service Inc. ● 2074 Steeles Avenue East, unit 21 ● Brampton ON ● Canada L6T 4Z9 ● PH.905-791-2020, FX.905-791-2121, TF.888-791-2899

It was a long way to travel. It took them about a month to order parts and re-solder parts. For like $15 they have a service that can ship it back to you.

My rotary xone 92 is minty fresh.
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would any of these places be able to install rotary faders on my vestax pmc 25?

i kept putting off buying the dial fader kit and now they are nowhere to be found.
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