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Mixed up MP3's?!?!


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I have a friend who is having the weirdest problem ever with her comp. Her MP3 's are no longer the tracks they originally were. ie. Song title and actual track no longer match, or are fine for 2-3 minutes of the song ,and then switch tracks completely. Entire folders seem to be corrupted. Weirdest thing is that everything else seems to be functioning fine. Did a virus scan and nothing. Ran Norton and it's up to date with virus definitions. Did Ad Aware and Spy Bot scans, everything comes up negative.

Harddrive is relatively new (6-8 months old), 160GB not sure of the make.

Here's a picture of how some of the directory's are showing up in windows explorer:


I've never seen anything like it. Some files have disappeared completely, others are fine. Messed up shit.

Plan is to backup everything onto a new drive and re-format, but is there any chance of saving some of the data that disappeared without going to a HDD data recovery company?

Any suggestions aside from pouring water on it?
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wow. kudos. that is the most crazy looking explorer window i've ever seen... wouldn't want to be in your shoes right now. :) is the drive fat32? Does fat32 go up to 160 gig? Otherwise... Uh... How does it look when you do a dir list in a CMD window? Even the files sizes are funked.


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okay more info. The directory containing the MP3's that are messed up is not accessible from the command line. All other directories are in the format [directory name] when I do a dir/w, but the folder that has the mp3's that are messed doesn't have the brackets and I can't change to that directory.
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put that HD in another computer as a secondary, run a recovery program, copy the binaries elsewhere


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do a check disk .. i had the same problem.. a 250gig HD with apps and movies ruined. it fixed it.. lost some stuff, but not much.



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check disc didn't do anything to fix it. Though I'm I only ran it from the cmd prompt so I'm not sure if there is a special syntax to do a major vs. minor check.

Oh, and I forgot, it's Windows 2000.

Zoo, what recovery apps do you recommend? And once backed up, should a format correct the drive, or is there a possibility it is physically damaged?


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had the same thing happen to a 60 gigger a couple years ago.

I tried all that file recovery stuff and all it did was recover jumbled pieces of MP3's.
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