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Mixed Media CD with Audio tracks that don't play or appear?


Not sure if this is really the forum for this, but i'll give it a whirl.

I've got this commercially released cd on BBE(so its not a bunk burn or quality issue) that, amongst other things, has a bunch of audio tracks on it.

Thing is, when i open the cd in control panel these audio files simply aren't there to be played, and no other media player detects any audio files there either.

But i know they're there.... any ideas?

I've noticed upon looking at the non-label side of the cd that there appears to be a clear, ring that visibly separates the cd into 2 sections, by far the thicker of which is the first(inside) part of the cd.
Not sure if that's relevant, but its certainly not something i've seen before on any audio cd so it might be indicative the files being located in a section of the cd my computer can't access or something?

Anyway, any tips would be great!
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