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Mixed Bag


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Well, we showed up with a raucous and rowdy crew ready to have some fun in the spirit of Mofo's birthday.

Came in and Baby K was playing some downtempo stuff that wasn't bad but I wasn't in the mood for... music to drink slowly to, and we can'ts be having that.

then Chu came up, played a solid set that got people dancing, prancing and drinking. Great turn out on the dancefloor and more, with jerks bustling around drinking and having a good time!

then Zirca set up and played his set... which I enjoyed but didn't stay for all of cause I was tired and cold and there were wolves after me. He kept people on the dance floor which is a plus for him! Gold star for Dan!

Over all, I'd say College Street Bar is a good venue to get your drunk on to some solid tunes. I think Mofo was having fun, I was! lots of great people out, what like half of tribe? hahaha.

A definitely solid opener to what I assume will be a shitshow of a weekend....

ch33se ch33se ch33se
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I'm probably biased (babyk's girlfriend) but I was groovin early to his set. Two full bottles of wine later and three of us were rocking out for when Chu came on. Wish I could've hung around to hear Zirca play (who is a lovely chap - nice to meet you Dan) but I played myself and needed to go home for sleepy by 1.

The space was nice, the smoking patio outside was so cute. Looking forward to the next one already.


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yes you're biased.

I liked his set but it just wasn't what I was in the mood for cause of birthday party patrol in effect... next one will be good!



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YAY! I hadda great nite. Met some new fabulous people, saw some old friends and celebrated the great and wondrous MoFo's birthday in style.

I wonder whose birthday is coming up next.....hmmmm......:D


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That was awesome
CHUUUUUUUU droppin the bombs! Pleasure to meet Ninjetta, and rawk the bar with BBJ (his analysis of Steve Zissou is super!) the Fong, Doublebeal, Kat, Krazysue (violent boy!) and super super awesome to see/talk to Sunkist after 2 years! Such a good time, had to bail early, but this jam should be a popular spring/summer monthly. Good Job and thanks for the bag!
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mitsuko souma

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Sorry I missed this. By the time I got back downtown (12:30- 1) I figured the exodus to Porter had already occurred. BTW Sunny, TURN YOUR m*THerf*KIN phone ON! also happy b-day old man


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great first event! although I missed too much of it *throws scowl at Chiclet* and missed the downtempo and the Chu *scowl* I arrived just in time for Zirca. Nice tunes Dan!!

we were greeted by 8 thousand tribers.. nice to see you all! College street bar is nice. I'll definately be at the next one.

I got all of two drunkin pictures, none of the birthday boy. but it did made my night that you were still there Spun. did you end up at home or London? and to top off a great night someone said something really nice to me.. you know who you are! thank you.. and you are the classiestest.
here's my 2 pictures.



no pictures of Sunny on his 26th but DON'T WORRY I GOT THE SIGN! :rolleyes:

oh yeah and nice touch with the brown bag of free stuff Dan!

Booty Bits

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i thought that the downtempo set was actually really great music.
they REALLY need to turn the volume down though. the music was just too loud for that kind of venue.
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i fucking loved the downtempo
cinematic orchestra = <3

it was perfect for getting your drink on and chatting before busting out to the breaks and dnb
really great format.


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fun times. i hope the night does well. although i agree that it was a bit too loud at the onset...


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Hey guys,

Thanks for all the positive comments and feedback. This was the first event I've ever thrown, so I'm still learning. I'll definitly make sure the volume is down for the next one.

Thanks to all those who came out to support. Things should really get going when the patio opens up proper and it's actually warm outside.

And another thanks to the Dj's. Baby K/Ryan, great set to start out the night (and good to meet you in person). Was feel'n all the tunes. Chu, as always, you killed it. Great track selection and it was obvious everyone else in the place was into it.

Hope to see you all out at the next one (Friday May 5th). It's only going to get better! :)


p.s. any genre requests for the middle set next month? I was thinking the following:

- downtempo
- trip-hop/hip-hop
- liquid funk


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Good times. I especially loved the DnB, and the grab bag bribery. Good work guys. It's the making of a staple night in my books. This event gets 4 screaming Vinders.


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Oh, for all those that took pics, could you please send them to me. Once again, I forgot to bust out the camera.


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Thanks Dan for an awesome night. It was definitely a good venue, great atmosphere and good music all around.
I'm a big fan of downtempo so hearing a few of my favourites was definitely a birthday treat for me. Thanks Baby K for the Billie Holiday.

Colin, you're wicked. Always playing good stuff. I enjoyed how it was still your style but suited the venue more.

And Dan, you're always gonna be my favourite. For more reasons that one. Blah blah blah, yadda yadda you're hot yadda. Again, congrats on a successful night and for sharing some great music.

We need more music events like this.

Thanks to all who came out. I apologize if I was a little out of it. 2 day work conferences can drain the life out of a bday boy. But I was very happy to see everyone out and about. The gifts were very thoughtful and I appreciate each and every one of you.

I can't believe I'm 30! ;)


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I had a great time. Nice job, Dan!

It was great to see everyone. Like on big Tribe reunion.

I only caught the tail end of Colin's set but from what I did hear, it was fantastic as usual. Dan, you played a really good set too. Smooth mixing and I love that you started out with some ragga jungle. I haven't heard that kind of stuff in a looooong time!

Sunny-AH!!! Happy Birthday! We'll see you tonight.


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wicked event, i can really see this becoming a great place in the summertime. and the next event coincides nicely with my boh!thday.


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reeeeally wanted to check this out.. but i got some quality time in with my girl which made up for it. glad to hear everyone had fun :)
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Liked the venue... had more than enough wine so that an earlier exit for me and my party started to make more and more sense the drunker we got...

Loved the opening downtempo set - was lovin the billie holiday update and other tracks that were played in the same vein there - I agree that it set a good tone for Big League CHu to start from and his set I enjoyed immensely!

Ran into a few unexepected's and had a grand ol time, looking forward to the next one!