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Mix: Patchwork - tech-house/techno


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Comments, criticism, and feedback always welcome.

Patchwork – December 2007
146 MB -- 256Kb/S -- 1:18:03

“Moondrops” Vincent Casanova - EpsilonLab
“Intimate” Vincent Casanova - EpsilonLab
“Rood” Markus Nikolai – Perlon
“Heads Down” Solo & Logan – Camouflage
“On The Line (Oxia Remix)” Butch – Great Stuff
“Below The Surface” Audiofly X – Get Physical
“Spastik (Dubfire Rework)” Plastikman – Minus
“sl3” Rejected – Rejected
“Cosmic Antipathy” Alexi Delano & Xpansul – Plus 8
“Quo Vadis” G-Man – i220
“Next Stop” Ozgur Can – Truesoul
“The Distance” Patrick Skoog – Drumcode
“Brain Wreck” Drumcell – Droid
“Living On Video (Sammy Gonzales Mix)” Trans-X – ZYX Music
“Chord of Love” Man-To-Man – Q-Records
“Elektro (Club Mix)” Outwork – High Bias
“Do Us Apart” Par Grindvik – Drumcode
“Tropical Melons” 2000 and One – 100% Pure
“Equinox” Arthur Oskan – Cratesavers
“Harbourline Rendered” naw – Noise Factory

Thanks to Trev for the space.
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Buddy Holly

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NICE Minimal mix that progresses very well. Steady hands behind the decks on this one. Great flow and some nice vocoder vocals sprinkled here and there. I like it alot Eric. You da man when it comes to great tracks and mixing them together nicely!
Can't wait to add another one to the ever-growing-stack of ERK cd's.
Thanks again.


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Nice mix.
lots of different sounds.

bold move here:
erk said:
“Living On Video (Sammy Gonzales Mix)” Trans-X – ZYX Music
ill be honest though,
i cringed.
although if i heard it on a dancefloor at the right moment featured only briefly,
i think i would dig it..
besides that,
i gotta give you props for putting that in there.
most djs dont try anything fun or crazy.
its nice to see somebody willing to take a risk.
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dirtbag said:
ill be honest though, i cringed.

Thanks all for your feedback. I appreciate your honesty dirtbag.
My GF isn't big into techno and that song was in there for her. I think that's the only song she likes in the whole mix.
Yeah the song is ch33se, and I've got a soft spot for it. Like you, I also like to hear people take a chance. Dave Cooper always did something wacky whenever I went out to hear him play. As my friend Jeff told me, "Just do something and if it doesn't work, don't do it next time."
Thanks for the feedback all. I appreciate it.
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It can be found here (from the archives):[SOUNDCLOUD]http://soundcloud.com/erk-4/patchwork[/SOUNDCLOUD]