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Misstress Barbara @ Helsinki Ottawa


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Helsinki is way smaller then we were expecting. . . kind of like Element downstairs. Nice little soundsystem and the place caught a serious party vibe. Place was packed by 11:30 and full of up for it folks. The crowd seems a little younger in Ottawa. Nice to see at a techno night that there was equal ladies and gents about (largely including some women that looked like they were copying Barbara's dress style). Friendly vibe for sure, Babs was rocking it. Really dig her new sound. She didn't look tired from her set at This is London the night before. . . and she was having a blast!

Also having a blast in Ottawa, see 'yall back in Toronto!

Ian - (and Sara)
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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we camed from montreal to see barbara and the club,we were extremely surprise of the place and people! Very nice!

The dj before barbara,did a excellent set!

Barbara did a amazing set,heavy beats,minimal very pumping! some techno tracks!! Mmmm

too bad the club has to close,we were all very enjoying the night!!

The poutine at elgins street dinner,was delicious!! Its a great spot to go at,after a night like that!

I was supposed to see some people over there,I guest we did'nt see each other.

I was very surprised of the friendly crowd and good looking people they were... sh*t!

I'm very happy to did the roadtrip,I got a amazing night! Nice club.


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Yeah we heard that the club was closed by the Fire Marshall and Cops shortly after we split (we actually saw them come in) due to too many people (which was weird as it wasn't that bad). Too bad!
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