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Miss Kitten & The Hacker

Discussion in 'Techno Room' started by Adam Duke, Jan 7, 2002.

  1. Adam Duke

    Adam Duke TRIBE Member

    Anyone else see this? :

    Tiga Justin & John Present:

    N:E:O:N Saturday Jan 26th 2002 @ The SAT, 305 St. Catherine E, Montreal.

    Dylan Adair,(Montreal)
    Tiga, (Gigolo, Turbo Recordings, Montreal)

    For their first Canadian appearance, NEON is proud to present:
    MISS KITTEN & THE HACKER, [LIVE PA] (Gigolo Records, France)

    ...man, i'd love to see them! I just bought their new double out on International Dj Gigolos and it's super duper (complete with a picture of the sexy-voiced vixen Miss Kitten in a nurse's outfit)!

    I also heard through the rumour mill that we might get to see Adult live in the near future also, not to mention the possibility of Anthony Rother coming to Wintergalactic IF EVERYONE VOTES!

    BRING IT ON, I say!

  2. Time

    Time TRIBE Promoter

    I heard Mr. Rother along with Cryogenetic + someone else, have been confirmed for Wintergalactic.

  3. Adam Duke

    Adam Duke TRIBE Member

    Cryogenetic does a wicked live pa/dj set - he should get booked way more often! He's local and only the people who go to the Electric Workers parties really know of him!

    As for Anthony Rother, well.....he's a god. SICK SICK SICK production!

  4. ElektroTekBabe

    ElektroTekBabe TRIBE Member

    Anthony Rother.


  5. Tech_Head_Rob

    Tech_Head_Rob TRIBE Member

    i love MTL! all you TO headz should seriously head down if you're into electro. This duo likely isn't coming back for a looong time. Turbo is planning on taking a loss on this one... big up to the Turbo crew for getting world class talent and pushing the new wave sound.

    oh, and btw here's the list of this month's other djs/live pa's coming down to MTL...
    Glenn Wilson
    dj Rush
    Damon Wild
    the Advent

  6. Adam Duke

    Adam Duke TRIBE Member

    ...got an extra bed,...roomie?


  7. beaker

    beaker TRIBE Member

  8. ladd

    ladd TRIBE Member

    glenn wilson
    damon wild

    oh my....
  9. Tech_Head_Rob

    Tech_Head_Rob TRIBE Member

    yeah it sucks, i'm missing Wild & Wilson (hey that sounds funny! [​IMG]) because there are other events going on and i simply can't party that much!

    and to Hardtekfunk--> sorry man, i live in a one bed rez room at McGill! we can always set up a cot for you though [​IMG]
    and next year the plan is to move into a nice, spacious loft! Housing in MTL is cheap
    come one, come all to North America's techno heaven! [​IMG]
  10. Technocratic Girl

    Technocratic Girl TRIBE Member

    Rob- I am Amanda- I go to McGill too, and we've met! Once at Blue Dog...
    I don't live in Residence! woo hoo, and it is hard to study- which is what I am trying to do tonight.

    I was just out at a great restaurant with some friends: Mike Shannon, Jeff Milligan, and later Lucinda Catchlove (writer,publicist, etc.), SoundShaper, Dj Maus, Mighty Kat, and Scoy.

    They were all there- the techno community seems to be quite closely knit and there is always something techno-oriented to do.
    I recommend a trip to Montreal for anyone who is looking for a fresh vibe. It's nice to be in a place where techno music can be heard not only at clubs but at restaurants, lounges, and shops!

    I got the Tiga American Gigolo cd today... It's great! There are a lot of Miss Kitten and the Hacker tracks on it- and I like them. SO I will definately be at the Neon Party again (I went to the first one with Vitalic too).

    Anywayz, time to read...
    Adam- let me know if you'll be in MTL: womenoftekno@hotmail.com
    It was great to see you last week.
  11. Time

    Time TRIBE Promoter

    Just noticed Miss Kittin and the Hacker slated for a T.O. appearance Mar. 30th.

  12. Nesta

    Nesta TRIBE Member

    Where did you notice that? [​IMG]
  13. Adam Duke

    Adam Duke TRIBE Member

    YES - WHERE?????


  14. Time

    Time TRIBE Promoter

    No venue was mentioned. I'll see if I can find out.

  15. Technocratic Girl

    Technocratic Girl TRIBE Member

    This is probably a hard format to read... there's some info. here:

    -Good Luck! [​IMG]

    Gigolo Label news.


    Getting Giggy for 2002...

    So just before the christmas break:
    -Hell was voted as best A&R at the German Dance Awards on the 12th Dec.
    -The Emerge track from Fischerspooner was the music for a commercial of a
    major french bank from 17th of december on.
    -Club-Villa celebrated its 1st anniversary on the 21st of december with DJ
    Hell, Dr. Motte & Vitalic (live), it was mental!

    January/February/March 2002 New releases:
    Orlando Voorn presents Fix Flash with Remixes by S. Pascalidis and Naughty
    (12inch) Gigolo72
    Capri EP (12inch) Gigolo 84
    Linda Lamb - Hot Room with a Remix by Tiga (12inch) Gigolo 87
    American Gigolo Mix CD by Tiga Gigolo 85
    Chris Korda - When it rains EP (12inch) Gigolo 86
    A Number of Names - Sharevari Remixed (12inch) Gigolo 88
    Vitalics remix of Miss Kittin and The Hacker`s '1982'
    Romina Cohn (12inch) Gigolo 83
    Plastique de Reve (12inch)
    (all dates to be confirmed!)

    -Check out the website of Intersection: www.intersection.com and listen to
    the Hell driving mix from mid February
    -Watch out for the new Collete cd (cool designer boutique in Paris)
    featuring some of our new and up and coming Gigolo releases available from

    Later in the year:..
    -Gigolo exhibition opening in Berlin in April then moving on to London,
    featuring all of our artists and artists we have worked with, photographers,
    magazines etc. Also featuring past and future videos and new releases. Later
    in the evening there will be live acts by gigolo artists.
    -Music and Machine festival in Berlin taking place in mid July.

    -The Gigolo compilation number 6 mixed by DJ Hell to be released in early
    -New album by Tuxedomoon to be released in the summer
    -Savas Pascalidis album released on Gigolo
    -New album by DJ hell
    -Gigolo book following the accounts and life of a stripper in LA
    -Release of `sunglasses at night` by Tiga in the UK

    Watch out for Vitalic. The `Poney EP´, his first relaese on gigolo was a
    massive success, check out the website to hear other great sounds at:
    Vitalic will be playing in the UK very soon, the dates are to be

    Tours - GIGOLO DJs:
    DJ HELL (Munich, Germany):
    Fr.08.02. Police Night @ VILLA / Traunstein, Germany
    Sa.02.03. Art Space / Geneva
    Fr.08.03. Casino / Berlin with Dr.Motte
    23.- 27.03. GIGOLO SHOWCASE @ MIAMI Winter Music Conference,
    Florida / date TBC
    Sa.30.03. GIGOLO Night @ New York City, TBC

    ACID MARIA (Karlsruhe, Germany):
    Sa.12.01. Sternradio / Berlin
    Fr.18.01. Prison Club / Landau
    Sa.19.01. Cembrankeller / Linz
    Fr.25.01. Suite 15 / Regensburg
    Sa.26.01. Ultraschall / Muenchen
    Sa.09.02. Braconia Hall / Gadsdorf
    Sa.16.02 Stahlwerkhalle / Hennigsdorf
    Fr.22.02. Suite 15 / Regensburg
    Sa.23.02. Ultraschall / Muenchen
    Fr.01.03. Fusion Club / Münster, Germany
    Sa.02.03. Stadthalle Friedland / Neubrandenburg near Berlin

    ELECTRIC INDIGO (Vienna, Austria):
    Fr. 11.01 Suite 15 / Regensburg
    Sa. 12.01. Weetamix / Geneva
    Fr. 18.01. Villa / Traunstein
    Tu. 22.01. Flex / Vienna
    Fr. 01.02. Piu / Sabadell, Spain
    Sa. 02.02. Lo-Li-Ta / Barcelona, Spain
    Fr. 08.02. Phonodrome / Hamburg
    Fr. 15.02. Bordeaux, France
    Sa. 16.02. Bretagne, France
    Tu. 26.02. Flex / Vienna
    Sa. 23.03. ART House / Thessaloniki, Greece TBC

    MISS KITTIN (Geneva- Berlin, France):
    Th.10.01. Grenoble, France
    Fr. 11.01. Neon Special @ Rubin / Hamburg
    Sa.12.01. Weetamix / Geneva, CH
    Fr. 18.01. Suite 15 / Regensburg
    Sa. 19.01. Toni Molkerei / Zürich
    Fr. 01.03. Glasgow School of Arts / Glasgow
    Sa. 02.03. Matrix / Berlin
    Th. 07.03. Le Klub / Nice, France TBC
    Sa. 09.03. Toni Molkerei / Zürich
    Sa. 16.03. Palazzo / Bingen, Germany

    Fr. 18.01. Dance with the aliens @ Ostgut / Berlin
    Fr.01.02. Rubin / Hamburg TBC
    Sa.09.02. Street Event / Tenerife
    Sa.13.02. Pfefferbank / Berlin
    Fr. 01.03. Aberdeen TBC
    Sa. 02.03. Glasgow TBC
    Sa.16.03. SMS Winterzirkus / near Erfurt, Germany

    ROMINA COHN (Buenos Aires, Argentina):
    Fr. 22.02. Thessaloniki, Greece
    Sa. 23.02. OPEN / still available!!
    Fr.01.03. Female Pressure Party @ Rubin / Hamburg TBC
    Sa.02.03. OPEN / still available!!

    ROK (Berlin, Germany):
    Fr.11.01. Club Japan / Barcelona
    Sa.12.01. Atomic, Gotha
    Di.22.01. Flex / Vienna
    Sa.09.02. Flashback / near Erfurt; Germany
    Fr.15.03. Prison Club / Landau a.d.Isar, Germany
    Fr.22.03. Hirsch / Nürnberg
    Sa.23.03. "Melt!" @ Alter Schlachthof / Dresden

    SONJA MOONEAR (Geneva, Switzerland):
    Sa. 02.03. Matrix / Berlin with DJ Miss Kittin

    THE HACKER (Grenoble, France):
    Fr.18.01. Spartacus / Marseille
    Tu. 22.01 Goodlife Party @ MIDEM 2002 / Cannes
    Fr.01.02. Dublin, Irland
    Sa.02.02. Belfast, Irland
    Fr.08.02. Glasgow, U.K.
    Sa.09.02. London / with Andrew Weatherhall
    Fr.15.02. Grenoble, France
    16.02. - 23.02. Ski station week / France
    Fr.01.03. Glasgow School of Arts
    Sa.09.03. Paris, France
    Sa.16.03. Toulouse, France

    TIGA (Montreal, Canada) on AMERICAN GIGOLO Tour 2002:
    Fr.01.03. Suite 15 / Regensburg
    Sa.02.03. OPEN / still available
    Fr.08.03. London TBC
    Sa.09.03. Paris TBC
    Th.14.03. TLV Club / Tel Aviv, Israel TBC
    Fr.15.03. Spain TBC
    Sa.16.03. Spain TBC
    We.20.03. Moog Club / Barcelona
    23.- 27.03. GIGOLO SHOWCASE @ MIAMI Winter Music Conference,
    Florida / date TBC
    Fr. 29.03. Rubin / Hamburg TBC
    Sa.30.03. Rohstofflager / Zürich TBC
    So.31.03. No Ufos / Berlin
    Tu.30.04. MAYDAY / Dortmund


    CAPRI (Buenos Aires, Argentina):
    12.01. Becket / Buenos Aires
    17.01. News / Punta del Este, Uruguay
    18.01. MDP News / Mar del Plata

    CHRIS KORDA (Boston, USA) on "When it Rains Tour" :
    Fr.22.02. OPEN / still available!!!
    Sa. 23.02. Orange / Hamburg
    We.27.02. Moog / Barcelona
    Fr. 01.03. Villa / Traunstein
    Sa. 02.03. Ultraschall / Munich
    We.06.03. Locomotiva / Paris TBC
    Fr.08.03. OPEN / still available!!!
    Sa.09.03. Berlin / TBC

    CROSSOVER (New York, USA):
    will be touring again in Europe in May 2002!!!

    DAVID CARRETTA (Marseille, France):
    Sa. 05.01. Ultraschall / Munich
    Fr. 11.01. Pau, France
    Sa. 12.01. Le 400 / Bordeaux, France
    Su. 13.01. L´ambassade / Toulouse
    Fr. 18.01. Spartacus / Marseille
    Sa. 26.01. Toulouse, France
    Fr. 09.02. Spectrum / Frankfurt
    Fr. 15.02. Augsburg, Germany
    Sa. 16.02. Quimper, France
    Sa. 23.03. Dijon, France
    Fr. 01.03. Rex / Paris
    Sa. 02.03. Le Colysee / Strassbourg

    Th.26.04. Ether Festival @ Royal Festival Hall / London TBC
    Tu.30.04. MAYDAY / Dortmund, Germany

    MISS KITTIN & THE HACKER (Grenoble, France):
    Mo.21.01. MIDEM 2002 / Cannes, France
    We.23.01. Tribeca Grand Hotel / New York, USA
    Do.24.01. Fun / New York, USA
    Fr.25.01. Zentra / Chicago, USA
    Sa.26.01. NEON / Montreal, Canada
    Fr.01.03. Glasgow School of Arts / Glasgow
    We.06.03. Locomotiva / Paris
    Fr.08.03. LIVE with The Hacker @ TIGA´s American Gigolo Tour /
    London TBC
    "First Album" American Tour / all dates TBC:
    Th.21.03. Seattle, USA
    Fr.22.03. San Francisco, USA
    Sa.24.03. Los Angeles, USA
    25.- 27.03. GIGOLO SHOWCASE @ MIAMI Winter Music Conference,
    Florida / date TBC
    Fr.29.03. New York City, USA
    Sa.30.03. Toronto, Canada

    RICHARD BARTZ (Munich, Germany):
    Fr.11.01. U60311 / Frankfurt
    Sa.19.01. Audiolove @ Universal DOG / Lahr
    Fr. 25.01. Prison / Landau
    Sa. 26.01. Papierfabrik / Mecklenburg, Germany
    Fr. 08.02 Mothership @ Hirsch / Nürnberg, Germany
    Sa.23.02 Tor 3 / Düsseldorf TBC
    Fr. 29.03. Mackey Eventos Festival / Buenos Aires TBC
    Sa.30.03. Ultraschall / Munich TBC

    TERENCE FIXMER (Lille- Berlin, France):
    Fr.18.01. PIU / Sabadell, Spain
    Sa.26.01. MTW-Spectrum / Frankfurt
    Sa.02.02. Centrum / Erfurt TBC
    Fr.08.02. Suite 15 / Regensburg
    Sa.16.02. Audiolove / Lahr, Germany
    Sa.23.02. Heineken Music Hall / Amsterdam
    Sa.02.03. Stahlwerkhalle / Hennigsdorf
    We.06.03. Locomotiva / Paris
    So.31.03. Subway / Wolscheim near Strassbourg, Germany TBC

    VITALIC (Dijon, France):
    We.16.01. Queens Club / Paris
    Fr.18.01. Spartacus / Marseille
    Fr.08.02. Casino / Berlin TBC
    Sa.09.02. OPEN / still available for Germany!!!
    So.10.02. Palazzo / Bingen, Germany
    Sa.16.02. Audio Love / Lahr
    Sa.23.02. Check Point / Nantes, France
    Sa.09.03. Cembrankeller / Linz
    Sa.16.03. Ostgut / Berlin
    Tu.30.04. MAYDAY / Dortmund, Germany

    ZOMBIE NATION (Munich, Germany):
    Sa.12.01. San Francisco, California
    Sa.19.01. Los Angelos, California
    Fr.25.01. DJ Splank @ Cream / Nicosia, Cyprus
    Sa.26.01. DJ Splank! @ Privilege / Limasol, Cyprus
    Sa.02.02. Muna / near Jena, Germany
    Sa.23.02. Jailhouse / Aachern, Germany
    Fr.22.03. Glasgow School of Arts / Glasgow

    CLUB VILLA, January/February programme
    Fr. 04.01. Gigolo Star F*cker DJ Jojo (Favorit/Erste Liga, München) &
    Sa. 05.01. New House Night Funkmaster Chris (Tribeclub, Salzburg) &
    Running Irie (Villa)
    Fr. 11.01. Gigolo Star F*cker Roch Dadier (Portrait Records,
    München-Paris) & Synrgy (Portrait Records, Augsburg)
    Sa. 12.01. New House Night Funkmaster Chris (Tribeclub, Salzburg) &
    Running Irie (Villa)
    Fr. 18.01. Gigolo Star F*cker Electric Indigo (Gigolo, Wien) & Pornostars
    Sa. 19.01. New House Night DJ Mambo (Villa)
    Fr. 25.01. Gigolo Star F*cker Cio d'Or (Kurbel, München) & Pornostars
    Sa. 26.01. New House Night Funkmaster Chris (Tribeclub, Salzburg) &
    Running Irie (Villa)
    Fr. 08.02. NYC Police Night DJ Hell (Gigolo, München) & Pornostars
    Mo. 11.02. Rosenmontag Jeff Mills
  16. Tech_Head_Rob

    Tech_Head_Rob TRIBE Member

    Technocratic Girl-Amanda eh? hrrrmmmmmm....can't recall meeting an Amanda at Bluedog, of course whenever i get back from Bluedog i usually don't remember anything. Are you one of Caitlin's friends? Sorry for not remembering you, but like i said i was mad drunk and i'm generally terrible with names (i talk to a girl on a daily basis whose name i don't know! and i just found out my porter's name yesterday [​IMG])
    I'm sure i'll run into you again, and i'll remember you... promise.

    Good luck with Miss Kittin showing up in TO guys.
  17. orange richie

    orange richie TRIBE Member

    ^^^ Just in case not, some of us are gonna head down and check it out. Should be fun!

    Rickardo Belmiro de la Cruz...
  18. tEkKiD

    tEkKiD TRIBE Promoter

    low and behold people , enough as i've dug new wave/electro for quite some time......going back almost 6 months ago when i put up a forum about it and NOBODY replied....cept for Adam..

    this shit will come and go, its the latest craze and i find it so funny how sooooooo many rock a bie producers are jumping on the bandwagon..yeah its fun for a bit , but jesus this isn't TECHNO. by all means i play this shit, but in moderation..and i like to MIX techno up...Miss Kitten and Hacker isnt the god scent.....people wisen up....why should we take Montreal's leftovers....and bring in something original...and crowd worthy...and not the same ol same ol, Marco,Gaetek,Mistress....etc

    a few names...

    Heiko Laux
    Dj Rolando
    Christian Morgenstern
    yeah fucking Anthony Rother
    James Ruskin
    im not a huge fan but fuck UMek ?

    why does Toronto always stick with the same ol fucking same ols...

    even Aril Brikha again would be nice...c'mon people something techno is about INTELLIGENCE. not banwagonesque.


  19. Adam Duke

    Adam Duke TRIBE Member

    Low and behold, guess who's gonna respond first to this?


    ....Promoters are nervous to spend money on bringing new faces to Toronto, because Toronto crowds rely so heavily on what the 'hype' is. If no one that you know has seen them before, why should you take the chance, when you know that say 'Gaetano' has rocked a few crowds already?
    This mentality is dumb! Go see shit FOR YOURSELF! You never know what dj could kick your ass next (also, I'd assume that the FIRST time a dj hits a new city, they'll want to turn heads, so they'll be going all out then!) Toronto hears 'hype' from Montreal, so of course we'll enjoy the GOOD leftovers when dj x kicks ass over there. (hey, I don't like it, but that's the way it is)

    As far as electro goes....yes, there is the possiblity of electro dying the same death as trance (yes, i said trance), if it leans too much toward the pop-mentality of making tracks to stand on their own too much and not enough as tools for creation. This is why i make sure I buy thinner electro tracks with a more techno feel to them (new school elelctro to me). THIS is the way it won't die. Personally, I like the International Dj Gigolos label, but yes, it's definitely the worst on that front and yeah eventually, people will turn onto something else.

    But in the end, my mentality is this: FUCK GENRES. EVOLVE.

  20. tEkKiD

    tEkKiD TRIBE Promoter

    techno doesn't need to evolve to electro/new wave.

    techno is already sounding fine.

    we don't need evolution right now,we need supporters,and followers,people to push and pump a crowd up.

    needs,direction thats ALL.

    im up for the job,my crew has been for many years,and my partner is ready....who wants to join me?

    serious inquiries only.

    and yes im talking promotion here.

    and dj'ing.



    get back to me if yer interested, i got something brewing for TORONTO.
  21. The Kid

    The Kid TRIBE Member

    I fucking can't wait to see Miss Kitten & The Hacker when the come to Toronto!!!

    "suck my dick, lick my ass"

    Le Kid
  22. The Kid

    The Kid TRIBE Member

    not trying to be argumentative, just not sure what you're trying to say here...

    the kid
  23. Adam Duke

    Adam Duke TRIBE Member

    yeah, doug...change is bad, eh?
    techno is born and bred on evolution, man.
    techno is not evolving into new wave/electro, it's integrating certain elements of those styles into itself.
    techno used to be 'everything' that was electronic music...then the scene decided it needed to splinter off and analyze itself into a hundred different genres....techno was dissected into the 'purest element' that made electronic music work.

    everything needs to evolve. change is good. techno will ALWAYS evolve because of it's nature, dude. i think techno's next step is reconstruction - adding to the parts that make other types of music work to techno's base. Not only is that like hyper evolving music altogether, but it truly allows for musicians/dj's/artists to create a sound that is unique to them. No boundaries, no formula - that's music to my ears.

  24. Straight Up D Shit

    Straight Up D Shit TRIBE Member

    overworked & time to read all the posts, will they be in Toronto, because if yes it's looking like the year of ELECTRO, yeah!!!

    legowelt from the Hague will be here on the 26th of March & adult. in April& then Ellen Allien & Anthony Rother on the 30th of March [​IMG]

  25. Simplistik

    Simplistik TRIBE Member

    Well, I've always liked techno, and I've always like electro. Although these two genres may have been crossing paths quite often recently, they still remain separate animals for me. However, that's not to say i don't mind having a nice techno track with a sweet electro tint to it.
    In any case, I'll listen to what I like and what "makes my ass shake".
    With that in mind, I guess I'll have to make the trip to MTL next weekend. Anyone else going?


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