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Miss Honey Dijon


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Who's down for this? I know she's not the greatest DJ, but it should be a good party... nice and hard, the way I like it!
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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bang @ system on saturday night...$20 b4 the witching hour $25 afta...

i seen honey dijon blow the roof off industry a few years back...derrick carter was opening (who we actually went to see), but he didn't have the vibe going on...we disappeared into the backroom only to emerge when honey dijon was rockin the floor...great house sounds...& a good interview in eye this week...



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you'd be quite surprised...

I too saw Dijon at IT.. and at I-Dance, and she fucking rocked it. Find a set of the net... listen for yourself.

I think I'm gonna pop in for a bit.

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