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Miss Honey Dijon @ System


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:D It's 6:21 and am just walking in and she still had the crowd begging for more!!! I never thought of finding out who opened but he did a really good job. Honey came on around 1 and as I said, was still going at 6 when I left.

The night started off badly with the losing of some money and the usual stir at the front door. I was almost surprise the girl searching me didnt pull out rubber gloves for a full inspection as she had done everything but........

*phew* I'm inside and things just got better from there. I was really happy to see such a mix crowd in there. Everyone seemed to be having such a great time. Was defnitely in my top 3 nights there. We were celebrating a friend's bday and its so much fun to gather over 25 close friends and party your ass off. Thanks to everyone for a great night and come back soon Honey!!:cool:

p.s. security @ System sucks!!!


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man what a fun night...
i got to system early...decided to go solo...its always fun like that...
i think it was blueprint that opened up. Decent selection but they were in no way warming us up for Honey...they played alot of gospel-vocal influenced house...and then shifted to tribal...

honey came on and...played real CLUB house...it felt good, was pounding, everyone liked it...some tracks were borderline techy...
she was lovin' it and so were we...
there's nothing like hanging out with a big group of fun loving gay folk on a saturday night....big ups!

i think her first time there went well....

ps- i did not recognize any tbk (sorry don't know you yet Pilotboy)...always makes for a new evening!


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I just want to say that this was by far, one of the best nights out for me. Last night it really proved to me why she/he is my fav dj...

She looked awsome and she had a great vibe, which passed it on to all of us. I stayed really late and I saw that everyone was having a blast and stayed until she was done.

Great to see friends again... we'll definitely hook up again... thanks for making sure I have a smile on my face.

Honey Dijon, thank you so much for the lovely surprise, the CD is great!

slave2da dncflr

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Pilotboy u crazy crazy young thang. First post by u of course.
Great night. Did not stop dancing once. Nuff said.
See ya next week Jer.


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Agreed, 'twas a great night. Between Ms. Dijon's energetic house, and the great crowd in attendance, I must say it all made for a rather enjoyable evening.

However, my group left the club with massive headaches -- I think System needs to work on their system! The highs were a little too sharp methinks...
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I showed up at about 3:30, kind of a spur of the moment thing, and I couldn't even remember at the time if this was the night Honey was supposed to be playing or not, but lo and behold, upon entrance all my fears of musical disillusionment was banished by the illustrious fugure of Herself at the decks, not to mention the thumpin' beats that permeated the environs. Security sucks and System seems to get seedier and seedier, but it's good to know a good time can still be had there.


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Honey D!

Thanks to all who came out this Saturday to celebrate the return of alcohol at System Soundbar...and of course, the very first appearance by one Miss Honey Dijon!
She is truly "so fabulous" (as she would say) in person, and as a performer.
She was totally hyped to play- She went on early, and insisted on playing until close ( 6 hours!) And she carried the energy the whole way through- lots of funky, uplifting house, disco tracks and a few R&B vocal mixes-> which kicked ass! The crowd was totally up for it, even with the crap-ass weather- You guys are awesome, 'twas a great night all around.

Just to let you know, Dino & Terry were the opening DJ's - they are for almost every BANG event.
We have some new sounds happening in the Back room, so stay tuned for updates-
Derrick Carter also makes his debut at BANG on May 18, and we celebrate our 2 year anniversary on June the 8th with the help of The Subliminal Man himself, Erick Morillo :D!

Thanks again to all who came out to support, Janice I'm sorry i was late, but thankyou so much for the bracelet, i was touched. Love to Alexd, Vukan, Marlowe, Joanne, Leanne, James VanHoof,
Chris the Lighting guy- Mark, Micah, & Virgina Slims my partners in crime, And Dawne's Birthday crew- Happy B-day Baby, I hope you had fun! **Happy Birthday to Jeanette too, sorry i missed ya!**
Until next time, keep on keepin' on ;)



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Had an awesome time! Danced my ass off all night :) First time seeing Miss Honey D and I was not disappointed. Not the greatest mixer (but I am no DJ) but some good tracks were thrown down. And as for Dino and Terry who open the place up every Saturday night, WOWOWOW! Awesome set!!! Fantabulous work, as always :)

Looking forward to Derrick Carter (My B-day like anyone cares) should be an awesome night