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Mint-condition METRO DJ Series M1.0 Collector Cards


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So I was cleaning out my studio and I stumbled upon the full set

Myka - Rookie card - "Favorite DJ: Danny Tenaglia"

Big League Chu - Rookie card - "Secret Weapon: D-Monic's Mom"

Switch - Rookie card "Alcohol Consumption limit 15-25 drinks" (yeah right)

Red Lion - Rookie card - "Most hated request: When does the hiphop start?"

Dj Kinetic - Rookie card - "Most hated request: Do you have any trance?"

(BTW I guess they're all rookie cards, but it looked better)

The full set goes to the highest bidder.... What will bids start at?


Chris if you want'em ....... lemme know.

Chu - Nice Modrobes shirt buddy!
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