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Minitek (plus special TODAY ONLY presale)


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Those who are familiar w/ Minimoo parties know that this will be a great weekend and those who are familiar w/ how expensive parties can be in NY know this is a deal at 40.

Pm me for floorspace, sleepingbag not included. :D
dear all,

on may 17 we unveiled the m and announced minitek - new york's electronic music + innovation festival!

over three days from september 12-14, 2008 minitek will present an exciting lineup made up of international top headliners as well as long awaited US debuts of emerging artists. the lineup announced so far is:

Richie Hawtin. Marco Carola. Guy Gerber (live). Magda. Troy Pierce.
Audion (live). Martin Buttrich (live). Paco Osuna. Konrad Black.
Guido Schneider (live). Adultnapper/ Alexi Delano. Davide Squillace.
Paul Ritch (live). Jeremy P. Caulfield (live/DJ). PanPot. Format:B (live).
Exercise One (live). Monoblock (live). Seph (live). Dilo vs. Gurtz (live).
Butane. Camea. Fase Miusic Sender (live). Memek.
and many more to be announced...

but minitek isn't only about quality music; the festival will present new innovations in the areas of technology, environment and non-music art, and over three days you will have the opportunity to discover new concepts, experience pioneering projects and try out ingenious products that will shape the future.

to make the long wait until september a little sweeter we will launch a series of minitek podcasts available for download, featuring a different artist of our lineup every week until the festival. you'll find the podcasts on the minitek website, which is currently being updated and will be online soon.


for those of you who have already made up their mind, minitek - in collaboration with our media partner Residentadvisor - is offering a first mover special:

be among the first to snatch your ticket and get minitek weekend passes for all shows (two days and two nights) for only US$40!!

this exclusive offer lasts for only 24 hours until thursday, june 5th 11pm ET. regular ticket presales will begin towards the end of june.


thank you for your support!
your minitek team

dig this

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yeah, got the flyer at demf... lineup looks sweet but you never know with nyc... good to hear minimoo has a great reputation...
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