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Ministry / Revco @ Kool Haus


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pitbull whatever..dunno.
revco...the guy in the tux...canadian...brilliant.
stainless steel providers...opened with Beers Steers Queers.
closed with Do You Think Im Sexy ( physical ).
then played for another 20 mins.

then came MINISTRY.
played a bunch of songs off the new album.
then, kicked into

great concert.
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i thought revco was awesome.

a little disappointed with Ministry - their new stuff is basically just thrash metal, not really my thing. also the sound was shite. couldn't hear the drums at all other than the snare and there was no bass at all! overall, it was great hearing all their old stuff, but too bad the sound was so bad.


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but did they play supernaut?

last year when they were here, it was awesome seeing Jergenson sp? tackle W. Bush..ahahah awesome


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i went to the concert last year, i actually liked that album quite a bit...

however, i absolutely hated the one that recently came out... first thought into my head was "this is Slayer...."

and the sound sucked last year too, but that's just a fact when any metal band played the warehouse/kool house... the sound was always crap regardless... still is imo.

could have gone thursday but decided to stay in instead.
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ndrwrld said:
so...how was the concert this time ?
oh wait...you didnt go.baconpan

heard from friends that it was alright, basically the same stuff they did last year, just that they were pushing the new slayer cover album they just released obviously :cool:

so there you go.