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Ministry of Sound Radio

I think this is a very low maintenance way of being very entertained with great fucking music, some old school tracks, a lil' hip hop fo' yo ass here and there, good mixing, surprise guest DJ's, feel good vibe etc...... especially at work.


The Oh Zone, All about Prog & For Your Ears ONly are some of the better shows. :)


I have heard people around here rip on stuff like MOS in the past before, but I think that this type of company has done a hell of a lot to help progress the whole electronic & house music scene.

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Didn't they move briefly to a pay service a few years ago? And then that bombed horribly.

And by the time they went back to being free, a host of other sites like Groovetech had taken over?

Agreed though, they were definite pioneers in streaming good tunes over the net.


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I have to admit that sometimes I think I am addicted to MOS radio. Most days it helps me slide through the work day in a good mood. Most days between 10am or 11am and 3pm the shows are really great, a mix of everything you'd love from a REAL dance station, always fresh and interesting and good hosts.

I'm not sure it ever went to a pay service, I've been listening consistently for four years, it's always been free and always seems to get better.

There is no radio station, internet or other, that I know of that even comes close to the quality of MOS. If you've never listened, you don't know what you're missing!! Of course, part of the reason I listen so much is that I'm firewalled from downloading music files from the internet so I don't have the luxury or listening to downloaded sets.
No love for MOS aside from a couple of people, who I already know??!! At all??

Somehow, that doesn't surprise me. :rolleyes:

Maybe I should have posted this in another forum to get some reactions & thoughts? :confused: