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Ministry of Attorney General- Entry level, admin support open position


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Hey I've hadf people ask how they can work where I do... well here is your chance

I've changed jobs so they are now backfilling my position.. its currently being run as a contract position, but it will most likely be extended, and posibly made permanant in the next year

Ministry of the Attorney General
Criminal Law Division/Crown Law Office Criminal

08OAD - Office Administration 08, OPSEU
Schedule 3.7
$20.10-22.65 (MplusM) per hour*
Open - Unclassified - Full Time
Duration: Up to 5.5 Months
5 1/2 Months
JobMart Category: Administrative & Support Services

The Ministry of the Attorney General, Crown Law Office – Criminal needs an individual to provide file management support and assistance to staff with respect to administration services relating to all levels of court e.g. Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court of Justice, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada.

Duties Will Include: You will: organize and maintain appeals files, accept service of documents filed for both Solicitor and Crown appeals observing strict time deadlines; act as back-up receptionist.

Qualifications: Qualifications: Knowledge of legal and court procedures, legal terminology and documents relating to processing of criminal appeals to correctly accept service of legal documents. Knowledge of Criminal Appeal Rules, the relevant procedural provisions of the Criminal Code, Supreme Court Act and Supreme Court rules; Criminal proceeding Rules of the Ontario Court (General Division); Provincial Offenses Act.

LOCATION: 720 Bay Street, 10th Floor, Toronto, M5G 2K1, Toronto Region
POSTING DATE: Thursday, May 18, 2006
CLOSING DATE: Thursday, June 01, 2006

Applications must be received by the end of the closing date and please quote file # below
Attention: Claudette Charles
Regional Manager
720 Bay Street, 10th Floor
Toronto, Ontario, M5G 2K1
Fax 416-326-4619
File #AG-CLD1656/06

Only applicants selected for interview will be contacted

* Indicates that the salary listed includes the maximum plus merit, in accordance with the OPSEU Collective Agreement
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I just noticed they no longer require you to type to OPS standard (60 wpm) and you don't have to do a dictation test.. so that's maybe a bonus for some!

The job involves database work, and physical file work (paper)
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^lol.. the job posting is very basic... you need to know how to prepare the documents as well, draft consents etc. for filing at the court, and prepare correspondance on behlaf of the crown .. and it is a lot of case management work (tracking files for deadlines such as bail sunset dates and appeal perfection dates)
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