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Milty Evans - Fishnets & Cigarettes PT. 2 (Funky French Disco House)


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Here is part 2 of Fishnets & Cigarettes as promised!!




1.Dance On You (Tagteam Terror Mix)-Mr Gonzo
2.Sweet Cake 84 - Albacore
3.Native New Yorker (DJamSinclar Remix)-Odyssey
4.Street Life (OPOLOPO Rebounce)
5.Show U The Luv (Les Loups Rework)
6.Keep Me Dancin' - Tagteam terror
7.Don't Know How - James Curd
8.I Like It -Raymix
9.Waiting so long - dj-las-k
10. She Told Me -95 Royale
11.Sinclair - Nevada Tan
12. human nature (tzesar summer light edit)
13.saucisse-cocktail - DJ las K
14.The Fever (Tagteam Terror Remix)-Malente
15.Bubble Combo (De La Phunk's Soda Stream Remix)Masques III
16.Rio (Fare Soldi) Duran Duran
17.A-better-day - The Phantom's Revenge
17.Hold your Head up High - Milty Evans
18.Hawaii- DJ EQ
19.Look into your eyes -Fred Falke - The French club remix
20.Only You (everyone else is just a mix of mine)- Raymix
21.She's a lady - Super drug
22.Bring It Back - JPG
23.Clubber Lang - The Phantom's Revenge
24.Mr Fahrenheit -The Phantom's Revenge
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