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Milty Evans - Fishnets & Cigarettes (Funky French Disco House)


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Milty Evans brings back the funky fresh French disco sounds in this two part mix... Part two will be posted later this afternoon! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!!!



1.Movies And Ladies -Albacore
2.Sunset in St.Louis -Dawood Helmandi
3.Pour tous les fous, les malades de l'amour - RAYMIX
4.Say The Words To You (original mix) - James curd
5.You're My Magician- pHaZe Project remix -Lime
6.Call Me (Ghost Of Venice Remix) quinten 909
7.Tricks on me -Funkyloco
8.She Told Me - 95 Royale
9.Back to the boogie - Milty Evans
10.Bound 2- DJ Las K Rework -Kanye West
11.There It Is -Dj Tripswitch vs. Shalama
12.Midnight Love Affair -The Disko Starz & Ice Cream
13.Sunday Morning Indecision - NEVADA TAN
14.Charlie - The Phantom's Revenge
15.Rock The Discotec - Superdrug
16. Space Disco - J Paul Getto
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PS - For those who don't know who Milty Evans is... He is the owner of Whitebeard Records and in my opinion, one of the top funky house producers these days!!