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Milligan @fw ! :D


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Dunno if someone started this thread already but I searched and didn't find one.

B4 he's going back to his freakin Slovakia, Algorithm will play in fw on sunday (june 4th) ! I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it (physically or mentally), cause will arrive after mutek only after 12 or 1.. but will surely try :D

ps: is he gonna play 4 decks again ?
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HA! i smoked a joint yesterday and was walking home in the rain with my thoughts playing catch up with each other and i SAW jeff on spadina - only i was so out of it, i thought i was seeing things. (That was milligan... no, could't be.... but wait... yes... it... no can't be...)

Glad to know i still am in reality on some level. ghhhesh....

:confused: :confused: :confused:


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oh man ... does anyone have the details? I would *really* like to see this guy, but I have no idea if I can handle going out tonight...the last couple of days have been intense.