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milkaudio.com feauturing sets by: dimitri from paris, mr. scruff, gilles peterson and


TRIBE Promoter
a clean and simple site that unites a global scene.

stream recordings of live performances, recorded sessions and weekly radio shows by world leaders in house, nujazz, downtemp, hip hop and other categories yet to be defined.

weekly/bi weekly shows:

milk. radio. w/felix and gani
2:am workday w/ jonathan coe
the down.low w/ wayne pate
trans.radio w/ karl&tyler
fabric.workshop w/ jaymz nylon
heavy.biz w/ chris harper forwards.backwards w/ nik & nigel compost.radio w/ michael rutten speedy's.audio.repair w/ dom servini

live mixes

vikter duplaix (hollywood records, usa) nye 2002/2003 december
osunlade (yoruba, soul jazz, gotsoul, usa) november 2002
tom middleton (cosmos, global communication, uk) june 2002
bobbito (vibe magazine, wkcr.org, nyc) february 2002
dj spinna (king street, bbe, usa) february 2002
nickodemus (rhythmlove records, giant step, nyc) december 2001
mr.scruff (ninja tune, uk) september 2001
recloose (planet e, detroit) april 2001
fauna flash (truby trio, compost records, germany) march 2001
yonderboi (ugar records, hungary) in europe 2000/2001

guest mixes

jaylib vs. jrocc (stones throw, usa) december
maurice fulton (modal records, nuphonic, usa) november
john arnold (ubiquity records, usa) september
stephane attias (visions, switzerland) september
dj vadim (ninja tune, jazz fudge, russia) august
matthias heilbronn (deep zone, wave, usa) june
ben mitchell (mr.hermano, mumo, disorient, uk) june
slam mode (spiritual life, glasgow underground, usa) may
dj venom (viper squad, incognito, difusion, uk) may
tom wieland (les gammas/panoptikum, compost records, vienna) april
boozoo bajou (stereo deluxe, germany) april
domu (archive, uk) april
gilles peterson (bbc, talkin' loud, uk) february
+ many more..

listen to www.milkaudio.com while you work.
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