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Milk/Dimitri from Paris @ the Orange Room


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all i have to say is HOLY ADVENTURES!!

what a nite:D:D my head is a bit sore from too many drinks (thanks to the film stars from Latin America;)) but basically an all round good nite filled with sweet sweet house beats, lots of drinks, LOTS of laughs, adventures and straight up insanity.

from the secret room (AAHHH we're in the secret room!!!!) to hot dog arguments to latin academy award winners, the nite was pure laughs!

the orange room was packed to the tits with people ready to get their groove on to Dimitri....imo, set of the nite goes to Felix and Gani who warmed the place up proper. nice to be able to dance my ass off befroe the place got too crowded. then the discovery of the secret room...who the hell was playing in the threre and where have you been all my life??? damn, that was some sweet house!!! thank you!!

eventually making our way back into the orange room, to find Dimitri on the decks and pure craziness in the crowd. had to bail....could not handle the late hour and the crowdiness. (plus, i was drunk;))

so all in all, a successful nite! once again, thanks to Milk for throwing a sweet house event!! and to my partners in crime, andrea and pete....thanks for all the laughs. and to top it all off, after a hilarious nite out, i got to come home to my baby who was equally as happy from his crazy goa adventure. perfect way to end a great nite!

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DJ Doublecross

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Dimitri rocked it, what a great night. The "secret" room, as Sarah and Andrea called it, was definitely featuring some amazing music as well, even better than the main room at times. I think Pete got a flyer from them, it was DJ Bravero and someone else, who have a party at roxy blue once a month... I'll have to check that out!

The Orange Room was a sauna, but when Dimitri went on, it didn't matter, everyone was just dancing and having a wicked time. The heat didn't bother me after a few minutes. Too bad you guys left!

Anyway, a great night out... i'm glad I chose this over Goldie (who i'm sure was great as well, but I needed something different this night!)



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Super fantastic evening, but for none of the reasons I expected it to be.

I spent the majority of my evening in the side room listening to Dale Arseneault spin super hypnotic chilled out house. I probably only heard Dimitri for about 30 minutes all together, and he didn't really do all that much for me. He'd go from a very nice sounding caribbean house sound to 80's electro pop. And then he'd drag the electro pop through the mud. And then I'd want to leave the room. And then he'd rescue me right at the point of me leaving the room with another decent sounding track.
But my main reason for avoiding the main room was as much the crowd as it was the music. Too many moshers, too many elbows. It didn't empty out to a decent level of people per square foot until 3:30 or so, and by then Dimitri was nearly done.

In summary: set of the evening belongs to Dale for entertaining me and keeping me dancing for most of the night.

Special thanks to those latino-seducing ladies who were such a huge source of fun for the earlier part of the night. You two really know how to show a guy a good time :) Plus hooking me up with free drinks to boot! Thanks girls! :)

Robbie -- you spin jungle -- what the hell you know about House? :p


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Originally posted by DJ Doublecross
I think Pete got a flyer from them, it was DJ Bravero and someone else, who have a party at roxy blue once a month... I'll have to check that out!

They throw a monthly @ Surface, DJ Bavero and Dale Arseneault, $5 before midnight. March 30th.

Might have to check this out myself :)


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adventures indeed...

ah yes a super great night...

started off at Milano's to say hi to Jo and da crew...
Ian was creating madness...super hard...

then i wisked P-air away to the orange room...'but janICE idon't wanna hear stoopid french house!!'

we got in to the room at the back and the sweetest sounds took over man...great vibe, funky people...

'look out for TOM, P-air'...i said
'ah, somebody stepped on me!, ah it's TOM , you loser!'

you were the highlight of the night guy, glad we could jam!!
off to the orange room to check out felix and gani...
then the telepopmusik guy....wierd but coolio, housey and breaky...
back to the other room...Claire...yeah ....it's time for Dimitri, i can feel it...
into the main room....there he was laying down a remix of that 'at night' track i just heard the other day....
everyone in a frenzy....
masses in a sweet...sweaty pool........i loved it...


p-air on the way home 'janICE that was great , thank you so much for taking me!!'......geez, he never believes me...
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on one of the busiest party nights in the year many friends went to different parties around TO but for me there was only one place i was gonna be that night........and dmitri from paris did not disapoint....smooth disco house all night from the master put a perma--grin on my face:) along with everyone else in the orange room......... not to mention awesome sets by felix and gani and telepopmusik before...the decor and vibe was awesome and complimented the music well.....i especially liked the porno they were projecting on the screen in the little chilll room b4 you walked in the kool haus....no wonder eye recently named milk best promotors...a bonus of that night was running into a good friend who had loads of all acess passes to give out so went and checked out the other two parties in the building....congrats and thank you milk!


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Did you know that he lost his records on the way here so he had to play someone eles's.

I am sure the party was good but if he had his own records he would have played 10 times better!

DJ Doublecross

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You're saying Dimitri from Paris lost his records? I find that hard to believe... what other dj in this city is going to have that blend of Dimitri's classic house style, and rediculous disco hits and 80's trash?

If it's true, that must have been some search for the perfect record crate....


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^^^ it does sound weird but I heard that from a reliable source.

I was not in the orange room for long but I caught word of that.