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MILK 4 Year Anniversary @ Roxy Blu

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by ecstasy riot, Sep 22, 2001.

  1. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member

    WOW !!!!

    What an amazing nite. Felix & Gani definately took the top spot. I stayed until the lights came on. And the second last song was Simple Pleasures, which is one of my fave tracks of the last few months.

    Milk does it good.

    And I had so much fun, and I took off my shoes and was dancing barefoot for a while, and for anyone who hasn't done it, try it. It feels so good. I was a bit tired at the beginning but then near the end when Gani took over, I couldn't stop dancing.

  2. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Who's Felix and Gani? [​IMG]

    It's all about the BASSment. I don't know about you, but I had a wicked time chilling out with wonderful Tribers, catching the amazing Doublecross (about time!) and shaking my booty in Janie's face when the breaks came on.

    I don't know about anyone else, but I felt the Milk crowd was more mature than what I wanted. I felt like I was at school since I go to OCAD and it's a constant fashion show there. But the vibe was right so I didn't mind the high-maintenance chicks. I mean, I'm quite high maintenance myself, actually.

    I like eclectic atmospheres, diverse culture and experimental music... but... deep down, I was longing for a basement, jungle and some sweating. Call me a raver, I don't care.

    Anyway, supposedly I went to Dimitri of Paris (which I don't recall) but now I can officially say that I actually remember a Milk event. I wish the organizers (a bunch of really classy guys who have pioneered Toronto to be looked at as a diverse city filled with music-lovers) and of course, the Vital crew for bringing in some funkiness. Much love Shawn.

    To the girl who slapped my butt, that is private property, honey.

    Whoever punched that guy (who was a real hottie with the sweet abs I got to converse with for about 20 minutes), you are such a fucking asshole. The guy was bleeding for God's sake. And who punches someone during a breaks set? Why is violence even in your damn head after all that has happened recently? You certainly didn't ruin that guy's positive vibe and you didn't ruin my night but I hope your night turned out to be shit. There is no room for shitdisturbers in the scene.

    Anyway, I'm drunk, home and my feet hurt from dancing. I had been looking forward to Milk and it surpassed what I expected. Hopefully, there will be a next one soon. [​IMG]
  3. air-bag

    air-bag TRIBE Member

    Are you serious?!?!!?
  4. PosTMOd

    PosTMOd Well-Known TRIBEr

    ^^^ You know what else feels good? Rolling around semi-naked in the bathroom floor slop while asking people,"Do you know Emily?".

    milk party: 8/10... thanks to Booty Bits (Queen Elizabeth, wha?) for taking sugar and me around and introducing us to some people... if only someone hadn't used the melonballer on my brain earlier, I would give more details... e.riot, I'm sure I saw you, but being the shy person that I am, and having magically turned into a plate of steaming mashed potatoes last night too, hey, where's the top of my skull my skull help me find my skull...
  5. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member

    Are you refering that I was on drugs ? Because I was dancing barefoot? Cos I actually wasn't and like doing things like that. [​IMG]

  6. air-bag

    air-bag TRIBE Member

    e.riot, are you serious about dancing barefoot?
    What about the glue-sticky alcohohol mixed with dirt and shattered beer bottles all over the floor?

    i can name better places for practicing yoga... [​IMG]
  7. redeyes

    redeyes TRIBE Member

    this was a wicked party. house, beaks, dnb, & funk. the music was so diverse. i haven't busted it to jungle in such a long time, it felt good. too bad somebody got punched out. i seen all the bouncers take off downstairs, and right away you know somebody got knocked out. when you go out to party, LEAVE YOUR ATTITUDE AT HOME. especially when you come to Roxy. that's a big reason why i like that place so much.

  8. Booty Bits

    Booty Bits TRIBE Member

    i had a blast last night. the top floor was packed to the tits when i got there, so i'm glad i found the vital room all tucked away in the basement.
    it was great to see my friends, and to meet that adorable dancer from ottawa [​IMG]
    ottawa chicks rule.

    then al and i found abacus upstairs, found a spot and a couch, and it was all over! man, i love that guy. i even asked him to play our favourite tune of his (peace, love and happiness) but he said he didn't bring it out. fortunately he also thanked me for mentioning it because it made him realize that he really wants to start whipping it out again in the future [​IMG]

    okay, heres my one, thoroughly valid complaint.
    when a club event is advertised as 10 dollars in advance, it is NOT unreasonable to expect the door prices to be 2-5 dollars more. but the door price was TWENTY dollars! i think thats ridiculous. at least have the common decency to list your door price on your flyers and ads beforehand if you're going to inflate the price 100%
    thats just shady.

    okay! so to sum up,
    1) there are no dice sounds in Casino Royale
    2) Doublecross is the bomb DJ
    3) Abacus made my night
    4) people should learn to live without violence
    5) postmod was funny last night
    6) sugar let me use her celphone last night so shes in the good books
    7) mofo was very affectionate and should stay that way
    8) pink angel complimented my boobs and made me feel good [​IMG]
    9)janie and ilix took albert and i in off the street last night so they are saints
    10)t-boy is a sweetheart
    11) hal9000 is just all around goodness

    tada! my big fat list of shit that you prolly dont care about unless you're actually in the list!
  9. juice

    juice TRIBE Member

    Meghin was dancing up a storm as you can see [​IMG] Milk
  10. air-bag

    air-bag TRIBE Member

    <- rolls dice.. err..i mean.. rolls eyes..

    of course there are!
    msg me on icq, i'll send it to you.
  11. PosTMOd

    PosTMOd Well-Known TRIBEr

    Hey, I was the one on the drugs [​IMG]

    If you dance barefoot in a club sober, you obviously don't need drugs [​IMG] though some sort of therapy and a podiatrist would be recommended.
  12. olde

    olde TRIBE Member

    I had the best time I have out in over a month.
    The Milk room was rockin' out all night, Abacus was playing some alright tunes but what was the deal with him not mixing at the end of his set... Boring. Once Felix and Gani came on again, the music really came together, even though there was hardly anyone left. Magda, Andrew, Matt, Leigh and I were still dancing up a storm till the house lights came on.
    They dropped the Simple Pleasures Bjork track second last, I haven't heard it out since it was released so gettting to hear it on a bigger system than my stereo was great [​IMG]
    I only checked the Vital room for a second, holy Tribe people, I went back upstairs for more Milk goodness.

    Great night in all [​IMG]
    Shoes or not [​IMG]

  13. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    1) THERE ARE TOO! I was gun-shotting them out for you!!! There are too! There are too! I even converted Air-bag successfully as one of my dice minions as see above. Evil laugh = Muahahahaha...

    3) SHIT! I totally forgot to catch Abacus. *sigh* I just can't resist jungle.

    7) Was I affectionate? I didn't notice... but I guess I wasn't hugging myself all the time. Anyway, me affectionate = grody. I couldn't even hug someone in highschool. Weird. What have I become?

    Ok Liz, it's fun seeing you in half-lit places with loud blaring basslines... but we need to get together and chill. Ya always make me smile babe.
  14. *tranner*

    *tranner* TRIBE Member

    What, there was a basement???? Awww, I was only there till 2:30, thinking there was only deep house in one room and oldies in the other. I just had to do the Rush Hour shoulder thing during War, what is it good for [​IMG] But I left in search of a different sound, not know it was right under my feet [​IMG]. My first time at Roxy. I ended up at element, which was surprisingly good considering the bad review last week.
  15. DJ Doublecross

    DJ Doublecross TRIBE Member

    I had a great time, which was nice considering the basement didn't open until an hour and a half later than expected! We made the best of the situation though, and it was actually a lot of fun playing back to back (to back) with Velocity and Dappa. Both excellent dj's who I wouldn't hesitate to play with again.

    I think there might have been a record set for highest percentage of Tribers in one room! So much fun though. Hopefully Milk will have us back in the future.

  16. Par- T

    Par- T TRIBE Member

    I wish I could have made it out last night, and with reading all these reveiws, I'm regretting it even more. Work on Saturday sucks!

    Just what is with all these TBK going to the Milk anniversary this year and no one was at last year's but me?
    I never see any boarders at Roxy, I figured I was the only one who ever goes.
  17. CC

    CC TRIBE Member


    as for the raising of the price at the door, it was $15 at the door, but for some unknown reason they ran out of $5 bills i think. or at least that's what i heard. it's entirely possible, as there is a certain amount of people that you expect to pay with exact change. but once and a while you just stuck because 99% of the people bring twenties. if you think of it this way, if 800 people bring twenties, you have to have $4000 in $5 bills at the door to give out change. that's a ton of cash. all this is said of course on the assumption that the change issue was the reason for price change. i only heard about that afterwards, so i don't know.

    as for the violence thing... not cool. it's not like there were tons of fights or anything. just one small situation. so anyone who wasn't there, don't assume that there was any attitude in the air. the vibe was pretty tight all night, no matter which room you were in.

    and YES ottawa chicks are great!!! always had a thing for them.


    i had a good night in the end. a little bit of stress at the begining of the night, but there's not much you can do about that when you have responsibilities.

    thanks to everyone for coming out and showing support. i love you all. i only wish i had more free time to spend it with you guys. all this promoting crap is getting in the way of hanging out.

    special thanks to the people who helped me push this night. sarah (mcbee), you're always a big help and i love you. jessica, thanks for helping to spread the word. and the djs helped out a ton as well (dappa - holy shit, tons of people in your crew).

    and other thanks go to milk for setting me up with this opportunity. it was nice to try something new. i think that it worked out well, and i know that a lot of the vital fans loved being able to listen to house. maybe i'll just have to start doing house events..... [​IMG]

  18. Booty Bits

    Booty Bits TRIBE Member

    i appreciate you trying to explain the door price, but that is the lamest excuse i have ever heard.
    regardless of how many times you need to go to some convenience store down the block to break a handful of twenties, you don't rip people off because you cant make change.
    or at least say "listen, the cover is 15 bucks. if you can take that 20 and come back with some appropriate change, i can let you in for 15."
    arg. i think the explanation actually made me angrier than the cover charge.
  19. Booty Bits

    Booty Bits TRIBE Member

    hahaha you actually said to me "i'm really affectionate today. look!" and then ran over and kissed some girl on the cheek.

    you are a sillyhead.

    and those dice sounds were just random ticktickticktick jungle sounds. you are so delusional!
  20. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Oh yeah. I forgot about that. Watch out Liz, you're next on my kissing list! Grody, eh?

    And yes, they are tickatickaticka noises (I can't stop laughing while typing this) but they were OBVIOUSLY inspired by casino dice. I mean, c'mon, Liz.

    And yeah, the change situation would make me angry too. I mean, that's just someone not paying attention to the float. NO ONE ever charges people like that. That's called scamming.

    Roxy's quite nice though, I'll admit. Never been upstairs.
  21. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member

    The floor wasn't that bad as it was at the front. =) Therapy ? I just like having fun.

    Milk was soooo much fun.

  22. PosTMOd

    PosTMOd Well-Known TRIBEr

    That is grounds for throwing you into the nuthouse for a decade until you're somber and pious like you're supposed to be. Jebus died for your sins, and you just like to have fun?
  23. PosTMOd

    PosTMOd Well-Known TRIBEr

    I said the same thing, and then Booty Bits said she would show me the basement, and I was thinking on the way down the stairs,"It's a trick, she just wants to steal my pants", but no such luck.
  24. dj velocity

    dj velocity TRIBE Member

    What a wicked time!
    Despite the initial confusion of the late Vital room opening, things really heated up quickly. Respect to Doublecross and Dappa for the b2b2b set. anytime!
    Thanks to Shawn and Sarah for all their hard work putting together another proper event.


    btw Switch - good luck with the new place, you fugitive!
  25. Smiley Jo

    Smiley Jo TRIBE Member

    Sounds like it was a fun time.

    Too bad when we showed up at just after one they wouldn't let us in. Somethin' bout capacity... whatever.

    Joanna [​IMG]

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