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Mili Sefic-Live @ Underground-Somewhere In A European Suburb Of A Suburb-August 2014


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Recorded(with crowd noise) this past Saturday(August 23rd) at an invite only, non advertised event in a basement in an Eastern European suburb of a Suburb. A party without the pretentiousness of the modern club. A party with soul, concept and musical precision. Deep, tech house and techno beats.



2.Ondatra (original) - Fanick
3.Firefly (feat Leah Lazonick) - Black Light Smoke
5.Not Giving Up - Manjane
6.Back & Forth (Estroe remix) - Stelios Vassiloudis, One Of Them
7.Breaking Point - Yamen & Eda
8.S19 (original mix) - Fanick
9.Ondatra (original) - Fanick
10.H-MSC - Crossninetroll
12.Sunday Anthem (Definition remix) - Hector Couto
13.Smoke & Mirrors (Hanfry Martinez remix) - System2
14.Acid Clips - Bebadim
15.Oh Yes - System2
17.What U See In Me - Cassy & D'julz
19.Breacher - Tuff City Kids
21.Do It Like This - Brett Johnson
22.Try It Again - W.O.H
23.Ebbo - Wade
24.Don't Call Me - System2
25.Louder Than Words - Luke Solomon
26.Soul Breaker - System2
27.Waxing Egos - System2
29.Yogoto - Spencer Parker

Party was played and created with the local crowd and Proper Techno Master, Nihad Tule, who continues the night with really thoughtful techno, and you can hear the rest of night(Nihad's set) on the Soundcloud mix page at above link.

Hope everyone is well!!

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room