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Miles Maeda... Fuzzy Cufflinks... NINE's One Year B-day!


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Bear Who? (aka "Fuzzy Cufflinks")... loved it! Non-stop jackin' beats... awesome job on the mic, spitting out crazy lyrics and working the housenation.

Miles Maeda played a sweet set... but Bear Who? had killed me by this point. Hard to sit down though and I kept finding myself back in the middle of it!

Would have been nice to see more people out for this jam but the dancefloor never let up! Thanks to to everyone that helped with this night!

Happy B-day NINE. :D
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Bear Who was sweet he definitely threw it Chicago style (fix my sink!!)

Maeda started quite late and very slow and took him a while to build things up

i didn't wanna leave but my feet were killin me by that point
plus couple of sketchbags were quite some characters (guy in a Nike t-shirt dressed up like a skater from Thornhill chewing his face off at the front LOL)

and whats with the sausage fest in there ? ( i swear it was 90% guys when i was leaving)


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So I just found out I made a typo...

"Fuzzy Kufflinxxx"

rulz said:
and whats with the sausage fest in there ? ( i swear it was 90% guys when i was leaving)

Really? I was commenting on how nice it was to have all these fun girls around... Then again, I have been spending an excess of time in gay clubs recently... :mad:


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I enjoyed the time that I spent there however due to something I ate earlier in the day I had to make a quick exit.

Bear Who? was really good. I was very much into what he was playing but again but stomach and head had other plans and I was forced to leave early.

Happy Anniversary Nine! what I experienced last night (the little bit that I was there) was great.

Joe Seven

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Great party, hit it up right after v-fest. Was really diggin Maeda's set. Even though I lost a wad of cash I still had a fun time! Happy B Day Nine crew! Here's to another year of rockin events.
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Ahhh, a club decorated with records – nice nice nice!
I won't soon forget the Sheila E. remix that Bear played. He's a p e r f o m e r, down to his Led Zeppelin T-shirt.
By strange coincidence, the next day I was in No Frills and they piped in the Sheila E. original. Whoa :O


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20 said:
Ahhh, a club decorated with records – nice nice nice!

thanks 20,alma! i kept toying with the idea (i wanted to include sparkles of some kind... i'm sure the boys are happy that didn't happen!) and kept changing my mind from going all out to not doing it at all. then i realized that i could do something in the middle. keep it simple dumbass!

Saturday was a packed day. From 11am, I shopped for jeans (gr!), bought a top (sequins! i'm really into sparkle these days), bought little confetti cap guns at the Dollar Store, got spray paint at Canadian Tire, invested in some RSPs, got a big crate of the crappiest of records from Joely (pure ch33se gold), spray painted and put them up at FW, ate some Wendy's, took a shower, dressed, and ran back to the club for 10pm. No time even for a disco nap!

Some last minute set-up while Dave was spinning and then I hit the decks myself. EEP!!! I WAS FUCKIN DJing AT FW!!!!!! It's so... loud! I'd describe it better, but I really don't remember... I think all the blood rushed to my brain for 20 minutes! I'm new, DJing requires a lot of brain power!
:O technics1200 :O

I had more stuff to take care of, so Dave re-took the decks for a set I can't comment on cuz I didn't hear it! :(

Then Don and Rich's turn!! Happy birthday Don! As per usual, they kicked it up a notch, Don bringin the funk and Rich, the crazy beats!

Normally when people start arriving at the club, they all hang around the bar and kind of look uncomfortable cuz it's 11pm and no one's there and they just sip their drinks... but at 11pm, peeps were ALL on the dancefloor - wicked!! it was so weird!! that's my kind of party!! Viper power!

When Bear Who? and Miles Maeda arrived... it was like night and day. Bear's over 6 foot, big black guy wearing a big gold chain and sunglasses and Miles is this little 5'6" Hawaiian dude with a pony tail who does yoga. Both super cool guys. Very laid back.

Bear Who stepped up to the mic around 12:30am and proceeded to help us enjoy ourselves. The crowd was really fun and up for it!! I was worried he'd go over-board with the MCing... but I thought he talked and did his thang just right. Fix My Sink!!!! :weeee: He totally cranked the energy and put the biggest smile on my face! I'm definitely gonna check out his new album - his sound totally got me and my friends moving!

The rest of the night obviously gets foggier! I'm not sure what time Miles Maeda went on, but he played some of my current faves (Space Cadillac, Jamanta Crew, among others) and some crazy jazztastic Chicago sounds. swoon!

It was a really special night for me - one year of Nine parties is certainly not enough. One love. Thanks to the Vipers for collaborating and keepin it real.

Thanks to Mirenko of Pop Com for doing some crazy-ass visuals. Interesting, beautiful and with many WTF moments. LOVED IT!

MERCI FOOTWORK!! Nine loves you most of all!!
Well... we might love house music more than we love FW. sorry!


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mariazmess said:
Thanks to Mirenko of Pop Com for doing some crazy-ass visuals. Interesting, beautiful and with many WTF moments. LOVED IT!

Sorry i never mentioned the visuals... some awesome, trippy, thought provoking stuff going on there! Nice job!!


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I'm such a dumbass for missing this party. Glad a good time was had by all! I'll be front n' centre dancing up a storm for Nine's 25 year anniversary reunion tour, for sure. ;)
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