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Milano sessions still on???

terrawrist III

TRIBE Member
OK...here's the dilemma...

I'm not about to go to a destiny jam(never been and have no thought to go)but ive already missed out on the Dylan/tech itch combo and now fuckin' DOC SCOTT!!

what gives???...PLEASE if someone could fill me in on whether or not Scott will do a session ANYWHERE in this great city of ours I'll be truly thankful:)


TRIBE Member
You prolly wont find that out untill saturday at the earliest. That shit is usually pretty impromptu, and hush hush.

I mean noone wants to goto destiny if they can see the headliner the next day in a 19+ atmosphere for 5 bucks


TRIBE Member
OS/2 just started working at my work and dropped me off a couple tickets. This will be the first destiny I have been to in years.


TRIBE Member
Destiny are tight about sharing talent. genarlly they want a piece of anything the performer does in the city. So if he is performing look for something like an official afterparty at madbar
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