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Mike Goodwin Live@Techsupport Feb11.06

Mike Goodwin

TRIBE Member
Here is the mix from the Tech Support party.

Big Thanks to Brandon Dove and Conrad Seaman for booking me.

Track listing

Green Velvet - Thoughts
DBX - Beat Freak
DBX - Sprocket Brain
DBX - Live wire
DBX - Loosing Control
Michael Goodwin - Concrete Djembe
Green Velvet - Unknown
jb - Forklift (Luke Slater remix)
Regis - Theme from Streetwalker
Surgeon - Move
Surgeon - Klonk
Richard Bartz - Style Wars B1
Bioscope Man - wow wow baby
Bob Brown - Intent
Neil Landstrum - Landslide
Surgeon - Remnants of what once was
Technasia -evergreenIII
Starfish Pool - Swing Little Move
Planetary Assault Systems - Gruve
Technasia - Hydra
Speedy J - Pannik
Centrals - Kuniaki Takenaga
Michael Goodwin - Tribal
Plan B - Impulz

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Unless I remember wrong, this is the first techno mix I've ever grabbed via Tribe that was right up my alley. EVER.
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fuck___that looks hot.
bell, surgeon, regis, slater...
can't wait to listen
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