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Mike Goodwin Live@Tallulah’s Cabaret April.14.06 (Tech House/Minimal)

Mike Goodwin

TRIBE Member
Here is the second installment of mixes from The Dungeon fetish parties that are being
Held once a month at Tallulah’s Cabaret in Toronto. The club is better know as
Buddies In Bad Times Theater just in case your looking to join the party. Again the
Night was filled with kink and good times. I played for about three hours and this is
Taken from the end of the night.

The set is a mix of a little bit of Tribal very deep Progressive, Tech House and Minimal Techno. The mix is just over 70 min (should fit on a cd with no problems) and was mixed using Ableton Live 5.2 Hope you enjoy it.

Track List

Antoine Clamaran - In Da Jungle
Christian Paduraru – Developing Desire
Old Skool, Nu Jacks - Oliver Klein
Segeke – Not Smile
Johannes Heil – Freaks R Us
Toni Vokado – Leonstein
Perc – Jesmond
Matthew E – Way I am
Justin Drake - Blacklight Sleaze
Phantom Power – Jesus Juice
Robert Hood – Radio Active
Tony Vokado – Trostpreis
Louderbach – Reflected
Tony Vocado – Daytona
Luetzenkirchen – Lazy Dog Bites The Dirt
Alland Byallo – Sing To Myself
NoTenshun – Crush It Up

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fucking REEEAAALLY enjoying this mix!

that track towards the end of the 36th minute had me fucking JAM-MING!
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